how has mickey mouse changed history?

how has mickey mouse changed history

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    Mickey mouse has done nothing to change history.

    He is simply a cartoon character.

    Walt disney is the one who created him/it and he should be celebrated for creating what is the Disney brand.

    Has it changed history? I doubt it, made countless generations of people happy? yes definitely, Would certain people influenced by disney done what they have if disney didn't exist? Who can tell,

    Has mickey mouse changed history.....No.

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    1. Mickey Mouse starred in one of two films ("Steamboat Willy": the other was Al Jolson's "The Jazz Singer") which convinced the movie industry that people wanted sound films,

    2. Mickey was essentially a revised brand for a company which had in essence suffered the theft (by shysters) of its character Oswald the Rabbit. With a new successful franchise Disney negotiated rights carefully and pioneered aftermarket and licensing arrangements which actually made more of his films profitable than would have been if you only counted the money they got on first run.

    3. As a brand he was also the front and inspiration for concerted lobbying which has left our intellectual property law in the position many of the legislators who originally voted for copyright warned it would be in if it was abused.

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    Mickey has changed history by becoming one of the first cartoons made for people to get entertained.

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    by providing Walt Disney with a future in the movie industry!

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