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Baby Name suggestions: BABY GIRL & BOY!?

we dont know the sex yet but were looking for names. shes due on 16-feb-2010. We like names beging with E,S or A for a girl and a boy I like the letters D, T and B.

Middle name will be from the options:

Daisie (Sisters name)

May (Mums name)

Beatrice (Nans name)

Rose (sisters name)

Alfie (Brothers name)

Rian (Dads name)

George (Uncles name)

Winston (grandads name)

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    Can I just say it makes a really nice to see someone choosing special, family names for their child :)

    Emmeline Daisie or Emma Daisie

    Ella May or Elodie May

    Emily Beatrice or Esme Beatrice

    Eleanor Rose or Emelia Rose

    Sarah Daisie or Susannah Daisie

    Sophia May or Sienna May

    Sasha Beatrice or Savannah Beatrice

    Serena Rose or Scarlett Rose

    Amelia Daisie or Aaliyah Daisie

    Adeline May or Aisling May

    Autumn Beatrice or Amanda Beatrice

    Abigail Rose or Aria Rose

    Damien Alfie or Darren Alfie

    Daniel Rian or Dominic Rian

    Dylan George or Dustin George

    Dexter Winston or Darryl Winston

    Thomas Alfie or Terrence Alfie

    Toby Rian or Tyler Rian

    Timothy George or Tobias George

    Taylor Winston or Trevor Winston

    Benjamin Alfie or Brendan Alfie

    Bentley Rian or Bradley Rian

    Brayden George or Brandon George

    Brody Winston or Barry Winston

  • Daisie just spell it Daisy and spell May Mae. Just more feminine :)


    Elena Daisy

    Emmaline Daisy

    Emelia Daisy


    Sofia Daisy

    Serena Daisy

    Sabrina Daisy

    Sienna Daisy

    Sage Daisy


    Alix Daisy

    Alexa Daisy

    Amelia Daisy

    Alexia Daisy

    Alexandra Daisy


    Ella Mae

    Ellie Mae

    Esther Mae

    Emmaline Mae


    Sofia Mae

    Sabrina Mae

    Serena Mae

    Selena Mae

    Sienna Mae

    Sage Mae

    Sally Mae


    Alix Mae

    Alexa Mae

    Alexia Mae

    Alexandra Mae

    Amelia Mae

    Avery Mae

    Addison Mae


    Elena Beatrice

    Emmaline Beatrice

    Emma Beatrice

    Ella Beatrice

    Emma Beatrice

    Emily Beatrice


    Selena Beatrice

    Samara Beatrice

    Sage Beatrice

    Sienna Beatrice


    Ella Rose

    Emma Rose

    Emmaline Rose

    Elena Rose

    Emily Rose

    Ellie Rose


    Samara Rose

    Selena Rose

    Sage Rose

    Stallory Rose

    Serena Rose


    Alexa Rose

    Alexia Rose

    Amelia Rose

    Alix Rose

    Alexandra Rose

    Avery Rose


    Daniel Alfie

    Dean Alfie

    Darren Alfie

    Drew Alfie

    Damien Alfie

    Declan Alfie

    Dallas Alfie


    Timothy Alfie

    Tommy Alfie

    Thomas Alfie


    Benjamin Alfie

    Benson Alfie

    Brandon Alfie

    Brendan Alfie

    Blake Alfie


    Daniel Rian

    Drew Rian

    Darren Rian

    Dallas Rian

    Dean Rian


    Timothy Rian

    Trevor Rian

    Travis Rian

    Thomas Rian


    Benjamin Rian

    Benson Rian

    Bluey Rian

    Blake Rian


    Daniel George

    Damien George

    Dallas George

    Drew George

    Dean George

    Drake George


    Timothy George

    Tommy George

    Thomas George


    Dean Winston

    Dallas Winston

    Darren Winston

    Damien Winston

    Drew Winston

    Drake Winston


    Timothy Winston

    Tommy Winston

    Tate Winston

    Thomas Winston


    Benjamin Winston

    Beau Winston

    Blake Winston

    Benson Winston

    Blakely Winston

    Brody Winston

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    Ava Daisie

    Ava Rose

    Alexandra May

    Alexandra Rose

    Elizabeth Daisie

    Emma Beatrice

    Emma Rose

    Sophia Daisy

    Sophia Rose

    Savannah Daisie

    Savannah May

    Dean Rian

    Dean Winston

    Davis George

    Davis Rian

    Taylor Alfie

    Taylor Winston

    Tyler Rian

    Tyler George

    Brandon Alfie

    Brandon George

    Brett Winston

    Brett Rian

  • 10 years ago

    Evelyn Rose

    Everly May

    Ella Daisie

    Ava Beatrice

    Avery May

    Sophie Rose

    Sadie Beatrice

    Dylan George

    Devon Alfie

    Tyler Ryan

    Tanner Alfie

    Tate Winston

    Brody George

    Braedon Alfie

    Blake Winston


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    For Girls-

    Evalyn May

    Ebony Rose

    Edaline Beatrice

    Eliana Daisie

    Elana Rose

    Elissa May

    Selena Rose

    Selene Beatrice

    Shiloh Rose

    Sadie May

    Scarlett May

    Summer Rose

    Ainsley Daisie

    Anabelle May

    Addison Beatrice

    Adelyn Daisie

    For Boys

    Dawson George

    Declan Alfie

    Dustin George

    Terrence Winston

    Tannar Winston

    Travis Rian

    Trent Winston

    Blake Rian

    Bennett George

    Braxton Alfie

    Bradley George

    Good Luck!

  • Sophie May

    Sophia Rose

    Sara Beatrice

    Sarah May

    Eva Rose

    Emma Daisie

    Ella May

    Eliza Rose

    Eve Beatrice

    Emily Rose

    Elizabeth May

    Eleanor Daisie

    Eleanor Rose

    Ava Beatrice

    Anna Rose

    Anna May

    Amelia Rose

    Amelia Daisie

    Arielle Rose

    Arielle Daisie

    Arielle May

    Abigail Rose

    Abigail Daisie

    Abigail May

    Aria Beatrice

    Aria May

    Alison Rose

    Dylan Winston

    Dylan George

    David Rian

    David George

    Daniel Winston

    Daniel Alfie

    Tyler Winston

    Tyler George

    Tyler Alfie

    Thomas Rian

    Thomas Winston

    Tom Rian

    Benjamin Alfie

    Benjamin Rian

    Ben Winston

    Ben Alfie

    I praise you on your choice of meaningful, family-related names.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Elsbeth Rose

    Ella May

    Abby Rose

    Aly Beatrice

    Sophie May

    Samantha Rose

    Doug Rian

    Dogan George

    Tyler Alfie

    Tom Winston

    Ben Rian

    Billy Alfie

  • Eva
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    10 years ago

    ~E Girl Names~

    --Elizabeth Rose

    --Elise Daisie

    --Emma Rose

    --Emily May

    --Ella Beatrice

    ~S Girl Names~

    --Sophia Rose

    --Scarlett May

    --Serena Daisie

    --Sienna Rose

    --Stella Beatrice

    ~A Girl Names~

    --Amelia Rose

    --Abigail May

    --Adeline Daisie

    --Amanda Beatrice

    ~D Boy Names~

    --Dylan George

    --Daniel Winston

    --David Rian

    --Davis Winston

    ~T Boy Names~

    --Tyler George

    --Trevor Rian

    --Travis Winston

    --Thomas Rian

    ~B Boy Names~

    --Benjamin Rian

    --Blake Winston

    --Brian George

    --Bradley Rian

    My favorite names are: Elizabeth, Emma, Amelia, Dylan, Daniel, Tyler, Benjamin, and Blake.

    I hope this helps!


  • 10 years ago

    Girl- Elizabeth, Emilie, Erin, Elana, Eve

    Girl- Sarah, Samantha/Sami/Sam, Sabrina, Selena, Sarit, Summer

    Girl- Alexa, Annaliese, Anna, Amanda, Abagail, Alivia, Audrey/Aubrey, Andrea, Alexandra, Abby

    Boy- Danniel/Danny, Damien, Darren, Diego, (Spanish) :)

    Boy- Thomas/Tom/Tommy, Teddy/Ted, Theodore/Theo,Trent, Timmy, Tyler, Taylor

    Boy- Bobby/Bob, Bill/Billy, Brandon, Brendon, Bryon, Buck, Braxton, Ben/Bennjamin

    Congrats on the baby!

  • 10 years ago

    Alfie is my fave Middle name

    Daisie and May i love! becoz there my names! lol

    Source(s): moi, Daizee-May!!!!!!
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