How come I feel better when I listen to Elliott Smith music but most people don't think his music was very?


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My ex girlfriend got annoyed by listening to his music.


I feel Elliott Smith's life, and his struggle that he even wrote about in his lryics I can relate to him. And his young death I can relate to because many of my friends have died even younger than 33.

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    1 decade ago
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    Don't listen to others music is like love, you take it and you keep it

    I love Japanese music and House music yes I do when I'm not even Japanese! my parents think it's weird but I don't care Music reflects on who we are bu tonly if it's what you love the most, Listen to what you love and enjoy not what others want you to and don't want you to enjoy =)

    You're your own boss tell your GF to back off and to let you listen to your music =) don't be too mean though just give her a piece of your mature intelligence


    Source(s): Experience and my logic
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