does anybody know the free spoof number?

there used to be a number a few years back that you cud jus call and u would be able to change your number to show up on the other persons phone to whatver number you wantd. i tryed looking it up and all of the sites make you pay and sign up with a credit card i dont bank so i dont have a card to sign up with. im hoping maybe somebody knows of a number like that had before where it didnt cost anything you just call it straight from your phone. any help? id appreciate it.. thanks

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Try BluffMyCall. I believe they're at

    I use their mobile app on my Blackberry, and it works. Free users are limited to 2 minute durations, and the person making the call (not receiving) has to listen to a 20 second ad.

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