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卡司陣容和導演等等 英文版的唷

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    Music and Lyric



    Marc Lawrence

    Writer :

    Marc Lawrence

    Release Date:

    14 February 2007 (Taiwan)


    Hugh Grant as Alex Fletcher

    Drew Barrymore as Sophie Fisher

    Brad Garrett as Chris Riley

    Haley Bennett as Cora Corman

    Campbell Scott as Sloan Cates

    Kristen Johnston as Rhonda Fisher

    Scott Porter as Colin Thompson

    Matthew Morrison as Ray, Cora's Manager

    Plot Summary :

    In New York, the washed-up singer Alex Fletcher has a decadent career singing his old

    hits in amusement parks, school reunions or dinner parties to survive. In the 80's, he was

    a successful singer of the band POP with Collin Thompson, but when his partner split, his

    solo-career was a complete failure. His manager and friend Chris Riley schedules a

    meeting with the successful teen singer Cora Corman and Alex has a chance to be

    promoted in a show if he delivers a new song for Cora's concert in the end of the week.

    Alex has difficulties to put lyrics in his melody, but he accidentally discovers Sophie

    Fisher, who is temporarily watering his plants and proves to be a sensitive poet and

    efficient lyricist. Their song is approved by Cora, but they disagree about her interpretation,

    while they fall in love for each other.

    Source(s): imbd
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