Obama's health care bill..good/bad?

I'm actually kinda confused..

I haven't been following the health care bill at all and had to do a little research on lobbyists for debate. anyways, the point is that everyone that talks about the bill talks about it in a bad way.. One conclusion that I drew (based on a lotta opinions mostly that I read) is that the bill is helping America as a whole although it may be hindering individuals. The people that have these (bad) opinions are fortunate enough to be in the middle class or upper class bracket but this plan is directed at helping those in the lower class and lower middle class. While it may be a bad for a little bit, it will benefit society as a whole and eventually get better..Obama, as the president of the country, must look out for the best interest of the country. (which may or may not coincide with what the majority of the people want..??)

How would you guys respond? I basically just want arguments/opinions that would go against this or for this..



@Noreen wow thats..exactly what I was looking for! you said raise taxes by 20%..is this a general number or are there like documents or anything?

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    Since Canadians count on us for life saving procedures if we adopt a similar style health care system. Americans and Canadians with checking accounts will have to travel to another country for latest innovations and top notch service in medicine. Those who chose not to work or prioritize their money toward health care already get medical services that Cubans and Canadians would envy.

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    Here is mine!

    Say I am middle class. Make 60k a year and have 3 children. My employer pays for part of my health insurance, but I must pay about $200 a month towards it. I pay my 1k mortgage and my property taxes. I pay cash for my cars, so I have no car payment, nor do I have to carry full coverage insurance on my car. I don't have a big screen TV, all the latest toys and gadgets. I have one credit card at a decent interest rate, that I rarely carry a balance on. I have worked very hard to support my family by getting an education and a decent job. I have student loans that I am still paying on.

    I am able to save about $1k a month, because my spending habits are frugal. I have made sound and wise decisions.

    Enter in Obama Care. My taxes just went up 20%. Which basically wipes out any kind of money I would have been able to save. Now, why should I, doing the right thing, making sound financial decisions, be deprived of being able to save my money any more? Why should I have to sacrifice 20% of my income, along with 85% of the rest of the country, to provide health care to only 15% of the people?

    The health care bill, in its current state does not address the REAL issues which should be reigning in insurance companies by allowing HI companies to compete over state lines and TORT reform. The bill is front loaded, which means we start paying NOW and not see any real reform for 4/5 years! In the meantime, my spouse gets very ill. Our insurance will only cover part of the medical costs. We go thorough our savings. We get deep into debt. We lose our house. We must file for bankruptcy.

    Now we are eligible for Medicaid, which many doctors don't accept.

    The health care bill as written now, does not benefit ANYONE for years!

    The full time student working as a bar tender should be able to afford catastrophic health care coverage @ maybe $50 a month. Being a student, he would qualify for the city health clinic on a sliding fee scale.

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    I almost asked the same question.... Why would ppl say it's bad?

    I'm a FT student I work at a bar so I can't really afford health insurance. I need it tho!

    Majority of Americans are like me---were not rich, we need this.

    So yes, I say it's GOOD

    NOREEN--1st of all I'm a she, not a he. 2nd of all insurance is not 50 bucks, try a hundred. The health clinic takes nearly a year just to get an appointment. I called Friday n their next available appt is in October! With rent at 850, car & insurance at 400, phone 100, electricity 50, cable 35.... I can barely afford food! My rent is late every month, I can't afford health insurance! Obama looks out for "the little ppl", I appreciate that. Not every1 is stable yet financially in their lives like u, so stop being selfish!!!

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  • Dok
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    1 decade ago


    I'd still be in favor of passing even the senate version, though.

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