how to be very very clever?

I want to be able to notice things a lot faster than others, i want to be very smart, and be able to talk my way out of situations. also have a little faster reflex..... any suggestions?

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    One way is to just sit and observe. A lot of cleverness comes down to simply making observations.

    It also helps to witness clever people or watch clever shows. (I really like, "Look Around You" - which is totally offbeat, British cleverness and craziness, "Jeeves and Wooster" - once again British, with lots of stimulating dialogue, etc... many "slow" British shows are quite clever ["slow" meaning, based around dialogue rather than lots of action].)

    Try to be as well-rounded a person as you can be. Read a lot, especially newspapers and good literature. Try to know a little bit about everything if possible.

    Also, if you sit attentively, but don't say much and think about what you're going to say before you say it, people will often assume that you're smarter than you really are.

    EDIT: I was thinking that you were asking mainly about having clever things to say

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    You want to be the person who says funny witty comments and has great comebacks? Get inspiration from movies and television, and when you see something you want to be like, remember it and bring it up later. Think about people who act like that, and imagine the way the conversation will go before it happens. If you have a funny anecdote or story to tell your friends, try saying it to yourself first. Above all, choose what you say carefully. Only say the things you really want people to remember, that way when you do say something clever it will be more impressive.

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    Try sudoku -- it really strengthens your ability to see patterns and access novel ways of thinking.

    Also, read a lot, and cultivate curiousity so that learning is a pleasure and not a chore.

    Good luck =- )

    Source(s): (pics of my girlfriend, who keeps challenging me so I stay smart :) )
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    pay attention to things a lot more closely... analyze things more than just reaction on impulse

    I think there may be some websites, you should research it

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    ummm, for your reflex, maybe play some reflex games online. To be more clever, you will need to pay more attention in school (If you go to school). If you don't, then idk

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    exercise your brain. Do math puzzles, word puzzles etc.

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