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Does a guy have to look to insert his penis into the vagina?

Does a guy have to look when he puts it in or if their an expert they don't have to. How can they keep thrustng it in and out then. HELP! I'm 19 I know it sucks

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    Your age has nothing to do with your knowledge on things like this. Generally, the male will probably have to look down the first few times until he learns and adjusts to his partners body. Once he does, he'll probably not need to look down and be able to penetrate her. Of course, he may be off the mark at some times and his partner will need to help him in, but the male generally will look down or just find it himself. It's nothing wrong with looking down as it's not something that stays the same as the couple isn't in the same position every time.

    As for them thrusting in and out, the male doesn't withdraw himself all the way out when he goes in and out. Sometimes he will, but he generally thrusts in and out just enough to pleasure both of them. It's not needed to pull out all the way except after both experience sexual peak (climax). Some males pull out all the time during Intercourse, but many don't. Once you begin having sexual intercourse, you'll better understand this. Don't worry, over time you will learn and understand your questions much better. Hope this helps.

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    well personally if you weren't asking for a big speech, maybe you shouldn't tell us your business as in, "Well.. I'm thinking of having it with my bf later on.." but then again virginity is a RARE thing these days.. so most everyone has had it and well I wish I waited and I'm 30 now. But yes, about your question. It stretches. Like others have stated, a baby comes out of it, when you're able to become pregnant. Younger age yea it looks smaller and is, because it is lol.. though 16 yea you're basically stopped growing unless you got until you're 18.. but that's unlikely for females. Its gonna hurt maybe if you have a hymen (not you personally now.. this question is 4 freaking yrs old lmfao) but most females don't have hymens because well um people move around more these days and do things that will break it (riding horses, bikes, running, anything).. But any who yea the penis going into the vagina, underneath the uthertha (sp) a bit more downwards towards the hole above the anus lol.. I mean yea idk what kids know now a days

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    I think Andie Mac has a very good answer.

    Of course, the girl's entry is in the usual place, but to make sure, the girl can lead the way.

    If the girl is nice and wet, or well lubed, the penis slips in easily. If the girl is dry still, it's more difficult to make an entry.

    Generally, during the thrusting, the penis stays inside the vagina, and moves up and down. If it pops out, it's best to get it back inside as soon as possible. Th girl can help, but as the penis was just there, it might find its own way back!

    Don't worry, at 19, you have many years of sexual fun still ahead of you!

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    How To Insert His Penis

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    Generally the woman will take the penis and lead it there, otherwise it can have a hard (no pun intended) time finding its way. Thrusting doesn't make the penis come right out, it just moves within the vagina. It all works out eventually. Don't worry, never be embarrassed to ask questions.

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    No u don't have 2. Ur partner will usually do tha 4 u if ur buddy comes out. I mean its not its gonna move around. It should stay in the same spot. Lol. I could do it in the dark. Its not that hard 2 put in. Age doesn't have 2 do anything thing with it. Neither does ur expertise on having sex. So don't worry about it.

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    Yes chugs has to look when they insert there penis.

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    uhm no you dont really have to look.. there kinda all in the smae place on girls... sooo... yeah hahaa or if you put it in the wrong spot then descreatly move it a little and act like you meant to do that hahaha =]

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    No not really; just feel around with your hand or penis, slide it around and eventually you'll slip in.

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