According to your own belief what happens to our soul after death ?

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    Reincarnation is the belief that the human soul is reborn into a new body after death. Many Buddhists and Hindus believe in reincarnation.

    According to Hinduism, If everything ends with death, then there is no meaning to life. Nor is the view that the soul is created at birth and then becomes eternal at death reasonable, for anything that has a beginning will also have an end.

    Hinduism contends that the cause of suffering and inequalities must be sought not in what happens after death, but in the conditions before birth, and puts forward the doctrine of rebirth.

    The decision to whether to send the soul to go up to heaven, to stay there in the Astral world, to be reborn again into this world or to be sent elsewhere to a different planet for another birth all depends to the karma of the particular soul.

    (my studies)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, the soul (or call it life) has left the body before burial so it doesn't go in the grave.

    People have come back after being dead for some minutes, so it isn't an irreversible separation.

    The best answer I've ever heard is in the following poem:

    The sky may be clouded, yet ever the sun,

    will sweep on it's way 'till the cycle is run,

    and when into darkness the system is hurled,

    again shall the builder reshape a new world.

    Your path may be doubtful, uncertain your goal

    - move on for your orbit is fixed to your soul:

    and though it may lead into darkness of night,

    the torch of the builder shall give you new light.

    You were, you will be, know this while you are,

    your spirit has travelled both long and afar,

    it came from the scource, to the scource it returns,

    the spark which was lighted eternally burns,

    it took on strange garbs for long aeons of years,

    and now in the soul of yourself it appears.

    From body to body your spirit moves on,

    it finds a new form when the old one has gone,

    and the form that it finds is the fabric you wrought

    on the loom of the mind from the fibre of thought.

    As dew is drawn upwards in rain to descend,

    your thoughts drift away and in destiny blend,

    you cannot escape them, for petty or great,

    or evil or noble, they fashion your fate.

    Somewhere on some planet,sometime and somehow,

    your life will reflect on your thoughts of your now

    This Law is unerring, your fate is your own,

    the structure you built you will live in alone.

    You are your own devil, you are your own god,

    you fashioned the paths that your footsteps have trod

    and no-one can save you from error or sin

    until you have hark'd to the spirit within.

    Once list' to that voice and all tumult is done,

    your soul's then in tune with the Infinite One.

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  • 1 decade ago

    According to my own belief what happens to the soul after death?

    Most of my ideas on the soul are unlike most others, but if you study philosophy, you will will wander upon the same beliefs that I write here...

    Death to me is no more than the off switch for the soul.

    What is more interesting is how I define the soul. Spirit and soul, have two different meanings; the former I will not go into.

    The soul is the entire experience of one's own life. For me the soul is both the continuity of the "I" and all the physical and mental aspects that can be united into a single present, but passing moment, called "the now". The soul for me, is a constant, an almost fourth dimensional self that stretches both ways through time, and is aware of its self always in a present moment. For me, the soul is everything that I have experienced, and all the moments of my life, and I believe these are reserved in the very fabric of time. I think of my soul as a soul with in the soul of the very cosmos, the entire out play all events universally; my soul is a small eternal bit of the perpetual "Cosmos" Brahman.

    All my endings are waiting to began, and all my beginnings are waiting to end. -

    Source(s): Advaita Vedanta, bhakti yoga, atma-jnana, nirvana, and moksha.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My belief is that the soul is a man-made construct which has no grounding in scientific fact, yet is essentially untestable and therefore unable to be disproven.

    It was the philospher, Descartes, who pioneered the idea of an immaterial soul controlling the body through the brain's pineal gland - a part of the brain which scientists are still uncertain on in terms of it's functionality. It is a very tempting theory because scientists can not isolate a single part of the brain where things experienced suddenly come together in 'our' consciousness. Look at the answers to this question already - many people say 'I do not have...' or 'I don't believe I have a soul'. Then who is the 'I' these people are talking about? Although people may not believe in a soul, Descartes' theory has affected our linguistic approach to thinking of who we are. For example, it may not seem strange to say "I have a brain" but if the soul does not exist and the brain is where your concious mind resides surely it would be more accurate to say "This brain has itself".

    For more details on theories of conciousness have a look at the philosopher Daniel Dennett.

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  • The question is to answer based on my own belief and hence my answer is as follows:

    Assume an electric appliance. They function with electric energy. If there is any damage to any part, we can repair, or replace it to function properly. By fatigue the appliance fail over a period of time if maintained properly. Some times there could be damage due to accident and it becomes useless.

    But even though the appliance is however in good condition without electric energy it cannot function. Electric energy is the ‘soul’.

    This electric energy is invisible and coming from generation point to the appliance. In the event if the appliance is out of use or dead, there cannot be energy in it. That amounts to say the supply from generation point is ceased. Can you define the exact portion of electricity piece by piece from generation point? Definitely not. It is a whole energy which takes care of the individual appliance.

    Similarly, when the soul is comparable to electric energy, it is being supplied from eternal soul called ‘Parabrahman’ which exist all over the cosmos. After the death, the soul which derived from Parabrahman is ceased to exist in body.

    As we cannot identify a piece of electric energy with separate identity, the soul on individual body also cannot have separate identity.

    Hence the soul ceased to get transferred and Parabrahman is diverting to revive supply to something else. There is no individual identity and there is no judgement day, heaven or hell. All heaven and hell we experience in our life time. That’s all!

    Hence according to my personal belief, the soul rests with 'Parabrahman' after death!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Actually, the Soul is already one with God. When this body takes form, only then do the vasanas of a particular soul enter the body. It is like ordering a shirt, waiting for the shirt to be stitched and wearing it. For the Soul, the body is just a vehicle it uses to travel, one more container.

    People choose the types of cinemas they like best -horror/comedy/ tragedy/classic etc. They watch those TV channels they enjoy best. Everything depends on the human state of mind and this too changes now and then.Similarly the Soul wants to experience various types of thoughts is undergoing those experiences in a particular body.

    The soul is not idle. It is a witness that directs our actions. The vasanas of the soul are the root cause of everything that happens. Whatever we see in life, is interlinked with the soul.

    So the Soul seeks an eligible body based on certain criteria.

    It wants to have certain experiences. After one experience is finished, it switches over to another experience.

    Source(s): //knowledge and belief//
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  • 1 decade ago

    The soul is the mind, the mind the body. If a person is grounded in a solid substance, like GOD the father, then there will be no death till the day of Christ Jesus. A person is their own God and God has no cruelty in HIM. Therefore people should seek answers then take the instructions accumulate them and come up with their own self. By coming up with your own self, you graduate to another level in life. You become a teacher not unlike a preacher. Not boasting on the subject is good it is just what was written in the Bible. One should not be proud but sure of them-self this would be right and acceptable in Gods eye, the heavenly father.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Are souls are the gift god has given us. It it what give us are individuality and is the source of our free will. without souls we would be merely flesh and bone. You as gods sons and daughters need to understand what you have been given. the power of god is in all of us. LOVE! for how many people do you no that strives to be unhappy? Are minds cannot comprehend the true gift we are blessed with we can only understand through are souls. no one knows where there soul goes when they die. people have faith in the religion they choose to believe in. I tell you the truth "look into your heart and there is your answer" i believe in no religion. I believe in god.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I believe that I have a soul and I believe in God. What should happen to our soul after death that's different to before it? Our body turns into a different set of atoms (heap of dust or ashes) but I think the soul remains the same.

    It's just a belief I have and there's no basis for it but it makes sense to me.

    edit. Q&A Queen has expressed it most nearly re my belief in the soul as in "life force" or "life energy". And I think people often confuse facts (disintegration of bones into dust or ashes if cremated) and beliefs (things that you just can't see and explain).

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  • I am not the originator of this concept, but I subscribe to it. There is no death. We go from birth to birth. The soul is completely unaffected by the transition of the body from one incarnation to the next.

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