I know a lot about spies, so don't tell me they have a watch that makes them invisible, I know about their weapons. The glitch is that even if they are fully uncloaked, the only thing I see of them is their weapon and/or a hat. So, even If I taunt, I can only see my knife floating nowhere. This is a huge problem since spies are already hard to find, it's even harder if they are always invisible. Keep in mind this invisibility IS NOT anything to do with their watches. Don't sit back and reply saying "Lawl, it's the watch you idiot, Spies can go invisible, L2P! Noob"

I'm thinking that this has to do with missing files? In my Spy folder probably. If anybody has had this problem, please help.

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  • 10 years ago

    Lawl its the watch you idiot, spies can go invisible..

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