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Are you kidding me, the Bills lost four straight Super Bowls because of Whitney Houston ?!?

I just got done watching The Top Five Reasons you can't blame the Buffalo Bills for losing four straight Super Bowls (1990-1993) on ESPN Classic. The #1 reason they gave was because Whitney Houston (she was a huge Giants fan) sung with her back to the Bills and towards the Giants in the Bills first loss in their streak. The show claims this lowered the morale so low for the Bills that it resulted in the Bills losing that Super Bowl and sending them down the path to lose all the rest.

That's one of the craziest f#$%ing things I've ever heard ! Do you agree with their #1 reason ?!

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    I can't believe the bills lost All those Super Bowls...

    regardless of the reason(of which Whitney Houston has no influence at all!)

    The Bills still get no recognition in my mind. I mean was it just good enough for the Bills to make it to the big game? 4 times in a row?

    Its actually a phenomenon that cannot accurately be explained..I actually feel very bad for that team.

    However Terrell Owens is no kind of solution..LOL

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    Arguably one of the best teams along with the Minnesota Vikings to never win one and none other than the Buffalo Bills. It was Buffalo's misfortune to have had to run into the Dallas Cowboys for many of those Superbowls who had some of the greatest teams ever. Buffalo certainly had their share of stars too with quarterback Jim Kelly and running back Thurman Thomas and also defensive end Bruce Smith, so they were certainly no pushover for anybody. Remember you have to be awfully good just to make it to the Superbowl, much less to 4 in a row! A great achievement!

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    Yeah ikr! Their my hometown, but im a pack. I was watching on espn classic this show called why u dont blame the bills for looseing 5 straight superbowls it was ratarded im still gonna blame them thow!

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