How does arthur conan doyle establish the characters of Holmes and Watson in Hound of the baskervilles?

For an assignment and I'm stuck for ideas. Thanks for the help!

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    read the first quater of the book.

    the part set at home, in london, is where we are introduced to them.

    the conversation between them- for example over the cane left behind by the visitor- sets them up nicely.

    here we see that they have been friends for ages- watson says that his deductions are based on holmes' ideas- so he is literally following the example of his friend. therefore, holmes is the leader in the duo, literally the one with the ideas.

    holmes then debunks watson's summation, and explains the REAL identity of the visitor. he proves himself to be of superior with and inteligence, with an unusual skill(able to jigsaw together tiny pieces)- but also with a real affection for his friend, watson, whom he lightly chaffs- eg- over the hospital/master of hounds.

    moving onto devon, holmes absents himself,- appears aloof, unemotional. but in town he had been greatly excited- the chase after the other cab, his amusement over the name given by the cabman, anxious over the letter, perplexed by the missing boot- so he can turn his emotions off if he needs to- another case claims his attention, he becomes clam, focuses on that- switches his emotions off, appears almost bored.

    he trusts watson, whom we see as holmes does- inteligent, but a bit of a duffer- and dispatches him to baskerville hall to remail with the new man. watson is inteligent, but still limited.

    he is also brave- his night walk into the moor- walking near/across the mire. he follows holmes' instructions- so is loyal to his friend, too.

    we then meet holmes again- he is brave, inteligent, cunning, unexpected- a master! he has been hiding in disguise all along on the moor, in one of the prehistoric huts.

    watson is -quite reasonably- annoyed at holmes' trickery. holmes again chaffs his gently.

    you need to undertsand WHAT established a charcter is,a nd HOW it can be DONE. explain this t the start of your essay, then give examples, either chronologically- as ive just done, or draw (ie, describe) a portrait of each man, and explain with reference to the book, how each charcterestic was revealed.

    do read it - its a classic for a reason. its still a really great story!

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