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Why doesn't Israel just use one of its 150+ Weapons of Mass Destruction and just drop it on Gaza already?

Palestinians in Gaza are already dead. They died well before the siege, the brutal, crippling blockade, well before the Goldstone report, etc. etc.

Since 2001, upwards of 1600 Palestinian Children (Christians and Muslims, cause apparently the media always forgets about the millions of Palestinian Christians, like me who feel absolutely disenfranchised and sepulchral too) have died (15 times the number of Israeli children in the same period), 6400 Palestinians in total have died (6.5 times the number of Israeli's in the same time period), and 25,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished (compared to, obviously, 0 demolitions for Israeli's).

The unemployment rate in Gaza is 45%.

So why the hell don't Israeli's just kill us all already? Why don't they just take a bomb and drop it on us and put us out of our misery? I'd rather die summarily then continue suffering like a dog for another 40+ years of Occupation and Ruthlessness.


El teco: Because some Palestinians feel that since we are already dead, we should fight cause we have nothing to lose. I don't agree with them though. If I'm gonna live a life of Absolute Misery and Dejection than i would rather have Israel just drop a bomb on me.

Plus, El T, Gaza is the one of the most densely populated territories in the World. Anyone that decides to fight in Gaza has to adopt guerrilla warfare. i thought that was obvious.

but i don;t care about any of this. i don;t want to argue. i'm SERIOUSLY asking you to just lobby AIPAC or whatever and tell them to drop one of Israel's 150 Nuclear War Heads (150 more than anyone else in the entire region has) on Gaza and just put an end to Our Misery. We have no food no electricity no jobs no water no human rights no recognition no chance of putting up a fight with our rocks and stones and home made rockets so just kill us already. death is better than living on Our Knees.

Update 2:

Islam D: you're not understanding. NO ONE CARES. Egypt? Are you kidding me? The Saudi's? Come on. none of the leaders of any of the Arab States actually cares about us Palestinians (in fact other Muslim countries do more for us than the Arab Countries do - e.g. my father and i, who are Palestinian Christians from Jenin, were living in Pakistan for a while). The people of Arab countries might support us but support doesn;t mean anything when you're up against 150 Nuclear War Heads that could kill you 1000 times over.

You just aren;t understanding. What I'm saying is that the world obviously doesn;t give a sh it about Palestinians or our Rights or Suffering. We're just Brutal Terrorists who want to kill Jews or something (even us Christian Palestinians are somehow Muslim Terrorists).

What I'm saying is that we should just be put out of our freakin misery. Just tell AIPAC to tell Israel (and get the okay from the US) to drop one of their Atomic Bombs on Gaza.

Update 3:

Tardis: Jesus man.

I'm from E block Clift in Jenin and i have some family who live in a northern village of Gaza. lakhnalu3 habb3. do you ant me to speak a more localized Palestinian dialect or is that okay?

It doesn;t freaking matter anyway. forget all that. PLEASE TELL ISRAEL TO FINISH US. We died a Long Time Ago.

Update 4:

Class: I see. So the reason that Palestinians in Gaza live like dogs and have no food or electricity or clean water or proper sanitation or hope or Life has nothing to do with the fact that Israel controls all of the Gaza's water supplies, food supplies, borders, air space, the Coastal waters, etc. The reason that Palestinians are Suffering is because of the Palestinians. Israel isn't the one that demolishes Palestinian homes those Caterpillar tractors are actually given by America to the Palestinians to demolish their own homes, right?

i don't now why Palestinians don;t understand that the reason they Live like Dogs is because they want to live like Dogs.

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    Israel just doesn't know how to deal with the Palestinians because they stole Palestinian Land and the whole world knows it, even if we don't all admit it. they try and claim self defense against, like you said, home made rockets or slingshots that shoot rocks and stones. i don't know why Israel is Raping the Palestinians. I don't know if they just want to take over all of Palestine eventually or they just want the Palestinians to leave the Hell/Prison that is Gaza on their own so that they can take all of the Native Populations Land away.

    Or maybe they don't want to take the Land or even force the Palestinians to leave their Homeland. Israel has the same problem that White Settlers had with Native Americans: How do you relate to people when you know that You Stole their Land?

    Anyway, i think you need to be stronger. Don;t let them just kill your Culture and Heritage and Take more of Your Land. If you think Palestinians are already dead, then FIGHT. You have NOTHING to lose, since you already live like Slaves.

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    The Muslim Terrorists, for illustration, Hamas are the rationale of your distress, no longer Israel. The United States and Israel have tried on countless circumstances to construct up the financial system for the Palestinians. On each party wherein any strive has been made to upgrade the financial system for the Palestinians in Gaza, the ones makes an attempt were blocked by means of Hamas. It is Hamas, no longer Israel that desires to preserve Palestinians deficient and depressing. As lengthy as Palestinians are deficient and depressing Hamas has a energy base, and so they realize it. If Hamas had been to enable Israel and The United States of America to upgrade the financial system of Gaza, the Palestinians might see how vain and incompetent Hamas quite is. That is the intent that Hamas continues Gaza deficient and depressing and blocks all efforts by means of The United States of America and Israel to upgrade the financial system of Gaza.

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    Your answer will come when Palestinian mothers love their children more than they hate Israelis. You are suffering by your own hand. To end an occupation, realize the futility of homicide bombs in pizza parlors. You think your fighting a war, but are actually continuing you own pain. Simply, stop. The Israelis have already offered to grant your requests, then someone kidnaps a soldier. LEAVE THEM ALONE. See what happens.

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    Yeah, you're so mistreated. That's why you're yapping on a computer.

    Perhaps if you want Israel to lift the blockade and never launch any further military incursions, you will refrain from lobbing rockets into Israel.

    "Palestinians" cried and moaned for years until Israel finally pulled out of Gaza in an attempt to buy peace. They were rewarded for their troubles with years of terrorist and rocket attacks using Gaza as a base.

    I don't particularly care about the numbers. National defense is not a game in which casualties are to be balanced. If you attack a sovereign nation, expect that nation to do everything in its power to protect its people and dissuade vermin from conducting any further attacks.

    I notice you mention the blockade. Why don't you mention the Egyptian border closure? If your life is so terrible, why don't you move to Egypt and live with your fellow Arabs? Oh, that's right: they closed their border and want nothing to do with you, either.

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    Palestinians for the most part are not a peaceful people and continue to deliberately irritate Israel. I'm not saying you do but the majority do.

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    I do not thing Israel wants you dead ............. they just want to be left alone usually.

    You should be asking this question of your leaders in Hamas and the people who back them like Iran, Syria and Jordan.

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    Could those 1600 children have died because Palestine puts military installations in the basements of schools?

    Why should it be up to Israel to stop Hamas's bullshit? Why don't the people of Gaza, who are the real victims of Hamas, QUIT ELECTING THE BASTARDS?

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    Does pretending to be from Palestine garner you more sympathy?

    Is that sympathy worth the deception?

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    The real question is why won't Iran hurry up and build their weapon of jew destruction and drop it on Tel Aviv.

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