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If Alex Rodriguez belts 800 dingers will he still NOT get voted in the hall of fame?

Or will the voters feel sorry for him when he is 90 yrs old & vote him in?

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    If Pete Rose (Betting on games), Barry Bonds (Steroids) or Albert Pujols (Not saying anything, just saying he'll be in before Rodriguez) aren't in yet, he won't be in.

    There's no way that the leader in Career Hits and the leader in career Home Runs don't get into the HoF and Rodriguez does.

    He even admitted to using them. No he won't get in. If he does Bud Selig and this league will become more of a joke, whether Selig is still commish or not.

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    I think he will.

    People make mistakes. Everyone does. Everyone has lied at some point as well. A-Rod is human. He made a mistake. He admitted to it. He apologized. He moved on. What can't be denied is that A-Rod, steroids or not, is one of the best players ever to play the game. If he belts 800 dingers you can put him up there with Babe Ruth (ok, thats pushing it, but he's really, really good). He admitted use for 3 3 years with the Rangers. Nothing else is proven, so we can assume he hasn't been using at any other time. And based on that, you can see with the numbers, and with your eyes, that A-Rod is one hell of a player without them. You can completely wipe away the three years he had in Texas, and he would still have HOF numbers at the end of his career. And he obviously wouldn't have hit 0 HR and 0RBI for three years in Texas without steroids.

    The guys a great player. One of the all time greats. Yea, he's made some mistakes. Everyone does. That doesn't mean he should get into the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is for the best players to ever play the game of baseball. It can't be disputed that A-Rod is one of those. Therefore, A-Rod deserves in the Hall of Fame.

    There may be the problem that voters don't want to let any people who admitted to steroids in, but A-Rod is signed with the Yankees until 2017. Voters may have a different view of everything in 2022. So we can't know for sure what will happen.

    Regardless of what happens, in my eyes, A-Rod's a Hall of Famer. He's one of the most talented players I've ever seen, and I'm going to enjoy watching him play, no matter who likes him and who doesn't (cause I know most people don't) because it's honestly fun to watch someone as good as him at work.

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    It is hard to say what the voters will do. Other than Palmiero and McGwire there has not been a steroid linked player up tp vote on. In Palmeiro's case he will never get in bc of his Congressional testimony and McGwire is just not a HOF player. (500hr cannot be considered automatic in past era as so many players are reaching that platteu). Obviously Arod already has the career #'s to make him a 1st ballot HOFer and I think he is a lock to get in. The only thing in question is will the voters not put him in his 1st year bc he used performance enhancing drugs. Bonds Clemens1st year of eligibility will shed some light on this. Problem is neither Clemens or Bonds has admitted to using and in Bonds case the media hates him. Anyway I think they will both eventually get in, I think the writer may wait to see if Clemens does a stint in a federal penn for perjury. It would be great if they voted him in and he could not make the ceremony bc he was serving 9 months. Anyway since Arod came clean and applogized (sort of) I think he will get in his 2nd year.

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    the answer lies into how the information allegedly receives resolved. If he's got here across to be accountable of utilising steroids and performance enhancers, it is going to certainly cloud what he would were with out them, besides the actual shown actuality that i have self assurance that regardless of out them, he would nevertheless were an excellent participant. i think an same about Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, and multiple different gamers who've been named - all of them were given to the utmost factor of competition and had numerous years of fulfillment. the different difficulty to keep in concepts is that equivalent to we've the "useless ball era," the "pitcher's era" etc, the era from the previous due Eighties to the early 2000s will be favourite because the "steroid era" at the same time as this is regarded lower back on 20, 50, and one hundred years from now. It replaced into area of the game, and at the same time as seen interior the bigger context of the billions of greenbacks that funnel by major League Baseball, they're going to maximum probably be seen in a diverse context than we are viewing them now. imagine about the era at the same time as playing and fixing video games replaced into trouble-free interior the early 1900s - gamers were paid the kind of small volume and did no longer have the posh of arbitration and loose agency that they were keen to throw video games to improve their earnings. How do their stats seem in evaluation to those who went out and busted their rump because they stood to benefit from it financially on their next settlement? some issues to think about - really time and discussions like this may tell how Alex Rodriguez and different gamers of this era will be seen at the same time as it is composed of the hall of acceptance and their position in baseball history.

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    He might not hit 800...but sorry to inform you....ARod is a first ballot HOF player, he's in the Top 10 ever to play the game....

    Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Gretzsky, Kobe and Le Bron, Roger Federer, ARod....they are the modern legends.....each of them may have a little blemish, but that doesn't hide the fact that they are way above the others.

    I take it you don't like him...that's no factor in HOF balloting.

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    He is under contract with the Yankees until 2017. If he retires then, he won't be on the ballot until 2022. Who even knows what voting will be like in 2022?

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    A-Roid is a first ballot HoF since he's still active (I mean in Baseball) he won't appear on ballot till at least 2016. By 2016,2020,2025 whenever he does appear he just join the other roiders that couldn't be banned.

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    As much as I hate anyone that puts on a yankee uniform and uses steroids. You cant deny that AROD was great without the roids and that he is definitly getting into the HOF on the first ballot.

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    That Would Make Him An Instant Hall Of Famer.

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    He will get in.

    Everyone does steroids and the leauge just has to deal with it.

    I can only thinl of 4-5 players who do not do steroids and they might but we don't even know about it

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