has anyone been to Fairmount, Indiana?

there is a chance im moving there/around there soon

I've actually never been to Indiana either

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  • Pat
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    1 decade ago
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    Yes I used to go all the time with a buddy of mine for the James Dean festivals. They have an old car thing there too But not sure they do this anymore. Fairmount is in north eastern Indiana and a small town in Grant County. It is a rural area and mostly a white based town. Population may be 3000 people if that. There are like 90 males to every female there like I said it is a rural area.

    The town is best known for James Dean the actor who is buried in Fairmount in Park cemetery there.

    Also Jim Davis (the one who did Garfield the cat) was born and raised there too.

    Hope you enjoy the hossier hospitality.

    Good Luck :)

  • 1 decade ago

    I was there about 15 yrs ago is all. I went for the James Dean festival which is something they used to have every year. I dont think they do anymore though, it was a car show and there's a museum of James Dean memorabilia. He's an actor that died back in the 50's. Jim Davis (garfield creator) was also born there. This is a really small town so be prepared. I'm not sure what its like now, but Indiana people are usually pretty friendly and helpfull. Winter here sucks. From October thru March dont expect to many warm days. Of course we have the Colts! Yeah colts!

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