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  • 1 decade ago
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    Kao Kung-lian is not further explanation will be calculated according to tax the benefits of early harvest list, but he said that Taiwan exports to the mainland more projects than large amounts, and the excessive concentration of exports on a few projects phenomenon.

    Minister of Economic Affairs Lin Sheng-chung meeting yesterday was also invited to attend the meeting to the Central News Agency after he said the two sides of the ECFA early harvest list of items and the number of different, both pragmatic consultations as soon as possible. China has not yet proved out the list of the contents of their early harvest, but rather the two sides had conducted a number of businesses to communicate. He also said that the domestic industry worried about what the impact will be affected by ECFA can be, and Board of Foreign Trade and Industry, reflect relevant views.

    In addition, the KMT legislator Ting Shou-chung, held yesterday, "Establishment of a joint mediation mechanism of cross-strait commercial arbitration hearings," hope for cross-strait economic and trade disputes come up with solutions. MAC Vice Chairman Kao Chang, participants said that the relevant mechanisms proposed by the Ministry of Justice to develop the report and considered for inclusion in the sixth-Jiang Chen consultation, subject, subject to the June 5th meeting will be before the Jiang Chen, otherwise it might too late.

    Commercial arbitration mechanism to be included in consultations on issues

    ROC Arbitration Association Li Nianzu that occurred in China in the past, Taiwanese business disputes to seek arbitration if a local will often encounter "patriotic referee", is unfairly treated, so the government departments to promote cross-strait commercial arbitration as soon as possible co-mediation mechanism to ensure that the interests of Taiwanese businesspeople.


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