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    Haiti death toll from the earthquake rose to 15 million people

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    By ellena Ma

    Taiwan Chinese Journalists

    Published: 2010-01-25 10:02 AM

    Haiti, a government official said Sunday, 1 / 12, 7 magnitude earthquake has confirmed the death toll climbed to 15 million people. Haiti's minister of communication Lasegue told the Associated Press, said the death toll from a state-owned companies figured out. The company has been Shoulian and bring them to the bodies buried in mass graves in northern Port-au-. This figure does not include Jacmel and other surrounding areas such as the victims. It is believed to have had a number of bodies were buried under the rubble.

    An earthquake the next day, Prime Minister of Haiti that is pessimistic about the estimated death toll of 10 million people, the United Nations said Saturday that the Haitian Government has confirmed that there are more than 110,001 thousand people died. It is estimated that the final death toll will be 20 million people.

    On Friday, Haiti's official government abolished the search and rescue operation changed to put into relief. But the international rescue team Saturday from the Port-au-a grocery store collapsed rubble rescued a man. In Haiti, international relief workers ready to speed up rescue operations. Previously been criticized for the victims are still unable to get food, water and medical supplies.

    Sunday, the United States and Brazil, the capital Soleil slum soldiers distribute food and water. Criminal gangs run rampant in this region. United States Agency for International Development Director of Rajiv. Shah told Reuters magnitude of the disaster was unprecedented, his agency can not be as fast as one would expect to meet the demand. 2010/01/25

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