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Any ways to reduce anxiety?

Hi everyone, Im just wondering if any of you know any helpful ways to reduce anxiety. Im only 15 and i ve been suffering from pretty bad anxiety for about eight months.. also with the occasional panic/anxiety attack. Some of my symptoms are tight throat, constant nausea and just an overall feeling of being on edge.. I've always worried about things but its only at this time in my life that my anxiety has been at its worse. Please if your experienced with this, I'd would really appreciate your answer. Thank you very much for helping :)

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    Take a bubble bath.

    Drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate

    Watch a movie

    Go for a walk

    Walk your dog.

    Listen to music


    Talk to a friend

    Do something creative like painting or drawing.


    Talk to your doctor about your anxiety. They can give you medication for the anxiety.

    Play with your cat or dog.

    Read the bible.

    Common medications used to treat anxiety include


    Ativan- lorazepam

    Xanax- alprazolam

    Valium- diazepam

    Klonopin- clonazepam

    Halcion- triazolam

    Prosom- estazolam


    SSRIs- examples of these wound be: Zoloft( sertraline), Paxil( paroxetine), Prozac( fluoxetine), Celexa( citalopram), Lexapro( escitalopram_, Luvox( fluvoxamine)

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    I don't know much about that but I think it's close to some sort of personality disorder...I forgot what it's called. It may be because of either stress or depression as well. Well, I suggest you talk to your friends, or your parents. Tell them what you're anxious about. Or if you wanna keep things more private, talk to a doctor or a teens help hotline. Ask for some guidance. Don't be afraid to ask for help regarding what you're feeling right now because who knows it might get worse or something.

    Be careful and don't let things bother you too much, otherwise things might get worse. It may sometimes lead to depression which is dangerous to some extent.

    If you need some advice/help, feel free to message me.

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    I also get frequent anxiety attacks! the best thing to overcome it is by re-asuring yourself! also, if you have an attack, don't breath to fast!

    Not everyone is into meditation but it is a great way to reduce the anxiety/panic attacks. if meditating is not your thing, breath slowly and concentrate on the sound of your breathing. this is a form of meditation.

    I find that placing your head onto a persons chest or back (be it a family member or friend) listen to their heart beat and concentrate on it to calm yourself down!

    always re-asure yourself though

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    I Agree With The Smoking Weed. It Relaxes.

    Or If Not, Go See A Doctor. He Might Prescribe

    Some Xanax Or Something.

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    Any form of working out can help. I do Yoga cause it helps relax your body and mind. Since you need to stay calm and deep breathing will help with the anxiety. And stretching will help with the tension. I was in a bad car accident last year and the Yoga help major on my back.

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    Absolutely...I've always been high strung because I'm highly competitive. But here's a book I highly recommend because it made me instantly peaceful: "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren

    Other good ways are exercising <--- one of the best, sports, meditating -like yoga, and being with friends.

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    If your only 15 and your having serious anxiety attacks you should probably go see a doctor...

    otherwise just smoke some weed. that will definitely calm you down...

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    #1 Social Reprogramming Method : http://SocialAnxiety.uzaev.com/?elZv

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    Try to see a doc, maybe they can prscribe you klonopin. In the mean time, when you are about to freak out, just try to calm your self down by breathing deeply and focus on your breathing

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