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How do you say, "Sorry, I do not get to practice Korean much." in Romanized Korean writing.?

If you can provide pronunciation, that would be great, thanks.


I would like this to be informal.

Also, when I say I do not get to practice Korean much I mean that - I do not get a lot of opportunities to do so, not because of time. And I say sorry not because my Korean is bad but because I am practicing on them.

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    Korean: 죄송합니다, 한국어를 연습할 시간이 별로 없음니다.

    Romanized: jwe-song-hab-ni-da, han-gug-eo-reul yeon-seub-hal shi-gan-i byeol-lo eob-seum-ni-da.

    Pronounced: jweh-song-ham-nee-dah, hahn-goook-uh-reul yuhn-sub-hal shee-gahn-ee byuhl-loh uhb-seum-nee-dah.

    Literal meaning: sorry, I don't have much time to practise Korean. (It sounds more natural this way)

    Note: I assumed you were looking for the formal form because you seem to be trying to apologize.

    And 'goook' in the pronounced part is a deliberate typo. It should be a 'double o', not triple. Apparently Yahoo! thinks 'g o o k' is a swear word. I don't know why. (I've never heard of that word)


    OK... you could have said that to start with. It would have made my life a little easier. :)

    Here's the informal form:

    Korean: 미안, 한국어 연습할 기회가 별로 없어

    Romanized: mi-an, han-guk-eo yeon-seub-hal gi-hwe-ga byeol-lo eob-seo

    Pronounced: mee-ahn, hahn-goook-uh yuhn-seub-hal gee-hweh-ga byuhl-loh uhb-suh

    Literal meaning: sorry, I don't have a lot of opportunities to practise Korean

    Is that better?

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    English to Korean translation:

    "미안 해요, 저는 한국 많이 연습하지 않습니다."

    "mian haeyo, jeoneun hangug manh-i yeonseubhaji anhseubnida."

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    joisong hajiman janin xankukaril chal alchi mot heyo....

    im sorry but i dont know korean language well...)))

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