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Where is the THC located on a marijuana plant?

Is it the actual leaf or what?

Okay so just tell me where on this:

The stuff you want is. thanks.

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    THC is located everywhere in a marijuana plant, just in some parts in very low amounts, such as seeds and stems, and the really big leaves. The large amounts of THC are found in the buds and trichomes of the better quality weed.

    But, don't ever smoke stems or seeds because you won't get high, you'll just get a headache. However they do contain some amounts of THC as stems and seeds are often used for cooking with THC.

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    The THC is all over the bud of the marijuana plant. The bud forms only on female marijuana plants. If a male is present then the bud will not be formed, instead seeds will. Once the bud is ready for harvest, the leaves are trimmed and the buds are kept to dry sometimes in glass containers so that the trichomes are better attached to the bud and so it will burn better.

    Soo your gonna get some leaves on the marijuana you pick up, and thats fine cuz they can get you high too, just not as high as the bud.

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    the highest concentration is in the budd, esp. the crystals wich are called trichromes

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