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Fringe Questions (J J Abrams)?

i am about to have a binge watch of J.J. Abrams "Fringe" and was wondering

is it good?

how good (out of 10)?

what is it about?


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    I'll agree with the previous poster, Fringe in a sense is on the same concept of lost, in a way that weird complex things happen and in the terms of Strange things that you can never think can happen, believe me when I say this when you watch the Pilot Episode you will get into it easily.

    Personally I do enjoy the series so far, and I think that JJ Abrams will continue to create interesting story lines, with Agent Dunham, Peter, and his father and the whole Fringe Division.

    Good luck, and enjoy the show. :)

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    its a show about an FBI agent named Olivia who is assigned to a Fringe Division of the FBI. This division is based on the research of Fringe Science that was created by a Dr. Bishop who was institutionalize after an accident that kills one of his lab assistants. His son Peter is the one who takes responsibility for him. The three of them investigate any type of cases that are deemed strange and are end up being tied to this Fringe Science.

    There is so much more to it than that, so you need to just watch the show to get it all.

    But it is really good.. 9 out of 10.

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