Whats your favorite places to buy your kids clothes at?

I am asking some of my past questions just to see different answers..lol

I love Old Navy




Baby Gap

Childrens Place


lol I love shopping for my children clothes..


I don't give thumbs down..someone on here is TD answers..I think thats so inmature cause I asked an opinion question..errr people..lol

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    Carter's and OshKosh! I've figured out OshKosh translates to suit of armor! I have 3 boys so when I buy something for the eldest child, I expect it to last through all 3 kids. I can't afford to constantly replace clothes. OshKosh fits that requirement and still looks better then anything else by the time it gets to baby 3. I've gotten jeans from Sears. I love their Toughskins jeans for toddlers; only a mother could have come up with double weaved knees on jeans! I once made the mistake of buying overalls at Baby Gap; the crotch won't stay snapped for more then a few seconds. I seem to keep forgetting that between children! I'm going to give them away this time.

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    My favorites are The Children's Place and Old Navy and then occasionally Crazy 8. I also buy from Target and Walmart. I usually get my daughters jeans from The Children's Place, they are 2 pair for $22, that's $11 a pair..which is sometimes cheaper than Target seeing as how i've paid $12-13 dollars for one pair from there...and The Children's Place jeans last and are very durable in my opinion. I always get great deals and even if there isn't a sale it seems that most things are reasonable priced, especially summer sandals, some being 2 pair for $22.

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    6 years ago

    I'm 14, and I absolutely hate juniors clothes, LOL! I wear children's clothing. My mom and I like to shop at:

    Target kids (sizes 4/5-14/16)

    Gymboree (sizes 4-12)

    Land's end (sizes 4-14)

    Children's place (sizes 4-14)

    H&M (sizes 8yrs. - 14yrs.)

    Disney store ( sizes 2-10/12) I just love their princess clothes! LOL!

    *note: all these are the big kid sizes. They have toddler/little girl/boy sizes too. (except disney store. They only have those sizes.)

    Gymboree, Land's end, and disney store can be expensive though. Wait for sales! :)

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    The Children's place and Target. I love The Children's Place jeans, because my daughter seems to get a lot of wear out of them before outgrowing them, unlike other brands of jeans. Plus, they have really adorable clothes that look so grown up..lol. Target always has a great selection of clothing at a great price....although, I usually have to buy up in sizes. My daughter is 15 months, and she wears a 2T in Target brand clothing, whereas with The Children's Place 18 month size clothing is just right for her now. But I really love both.

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    Aaaw =) Baby shopping is sooooo fun. I miss it so much. They make such tiny cute clothes for them. Mine is a teen now. Shopping isn't has fun, but at least she's big enough now to ride the big rides at the fair now. I was waiting for that, Yay! It's not shopping, but it's something, right, lol?

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    1 decade ago

    Marshall's has great quality clothes for less. I can wash what I buy as much as I can and it will not lose shape, color etc.

    I also love Gap when its affordable. I'll go there if they' have great sales, otherwise I refuse to spend $30 on a shirt.

    When I was buying BABY (not toddler) clothes , I went to Carter's.

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    Mainly Target and Kohls, Im always getting the 30% coupons!

    I also like Lands End - mainly the outlet/inlets - for warmer weather stuff.

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    GoodWill, the Arch,.....second hand stores. Kids grow to fast to spend insane amounts of money on cloths their only going to wear for 6 months. Beside kid's don't care about what brand their cloths are, now when they get old I let them choose where they want to shop at.


  • Summer
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    1 decade ago


    Land's End

    LL Bean


    Ralph Lauren

    I like to buy clothes that will last. Unfortunately they cost more........ I think Gymboree is the best. Their clothes last for years and hundreds of washes.

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    Old Navy is my store! I just bought my little boy some new sandals for summer (starting early!) they were 2 for $5!

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