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Is there a football team in NJIT?

do they have a tackle football team?


NJIT is a univercity in new jersey called New Jersey Institute of Technology

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    There is currently no football team at NJIT.... some years ago...students were asked which sport they like to see most to be added ...Football didn't receive overwhelming support... Doesn't make sense for the school to support a Football team too given that the other two major sports (basketball and soccer) have not reached D1 winning status....Financially it does not add up too...say if it takes US$4 million to support a D1 team.....US$4 million / 8000 = US$500 additional per year... + the initial cost for a Football field / stadium.

    If you are living in New Jersey and need to see should enroll in Rutgers or Princeton which are spending big-bucks sponsoring Football as it is tied to their history (having played the first inter-college Football game)....Rutgers University is often referred to as 'The Birthplace of College Football'.

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    Is there a football team in NJIT?

    do they have a tackle football team?

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    Da Chicago Bears

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    New Jersey Institute of Technology?

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    WTF is NJIT?

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