Installing a outlet in bathroom? Please help!?

My upstairs master bathroom has no outlets and its beginning to be a pain. I want to install an outlet but im not quite sure on how to do so. I'm good at this kind of stuff and pretty handy but never installed an outlet. The bathroom has a light over the vanity and the switch for that light is right when you walk in. There is an attic right above the bathroom. How should I go about doing this if I want the outlet by the vanity? Where do I get the power from? I dont want to pay an electrian to do this and I like to learn new things. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

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  • 10 years ago
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    You can do this several ways. First being shutting off power to the bathroom the vanity light and see how many wires are in there. If only one wire is in there with a black and white you can not go from this junction. If you have two wires of each color you can go from here.

    You will need romex or NM-B cable, a cut in box preferably plastic because they allow more room for the GFCI and the wire, metal ones tend to pinch the wires. and a GFCI of course. a few tan or red wire nuts are always good to have handy.

    Once you figure out where you are coming from and the easiest way to get to where you want your box to go. find your studs in the wall and trace out your box between them. cut it out with a saw, this is a real pain in the butt with plaster and lathe and can chew up your saw blade quickly. If sheetrock then make the hole tight and trim it up as needed. make sure box fits. Then figure out the route to get from the hole to your hot wires.

    If you are going from the vanity light you can open up the wall behind it as needed to get over or down to the new box. If you are coming from a box in the attic you just need to find the wall in the attic and drill a hole down into the wall. I hope it is an inside wall you are coming down. NO insulation and away from the pitch of the roof is always good. Make sure the circuit is not used by alot of other outlets or too many lights. you may experience neusance tripping.

    sometimes you can just add one to the switch if it is close by. You can see if the two wires are in there. If so take wires off switch and mark the wires that are nutted together with tape. use a reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade and cut between the box and the stud to cut the nails. You may need to use a screw driver to create a space between them. This will free the box and you can pull it out. Now you will need a 2 gang cut in box again plastic is preferred. Cut the hole so it will fit in the hole. Put the wires in and add in some pigtails for the GFI and light switch. If your GFCI comes on with the light you know you pigtailed the wrong wire.

    That is one of the tough parts of electrical or any construction, it is all situational.

    Good Luck

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    10 years ago

    Whatever you do, you need a ground fault circuit interrupter outlet. Now if there are only two wires in the switch box, that is a switch leg and you can't use it for an outlet. If there are two wires coming in and two going out, You can feed the outlet from that and the switch also. If there are only two wires, you need to find a box somewhere to connect to feed the outlet. There may be a wall outlet in the bedroom next to the bath. Use it. Be careful and turn the breaker off first. You can replace the box with a double. or you can install another box.

  • 4 years ago

    Well if i were you i would go to home depot and get a book because it will be used again anyway if you are interested in DIY. There are different ways to do this and it would take a lot of typing. Here are some possibilities. do you want outlet on only when light is on? Is power coming to light then to switch? Dont forget about code that requires GFI outlet. answer and write back with more detail

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    10 years ago

    Do not add to the switch as you will want to use the outlet without the light. Look in the attic for a junction box and run the wire from there.

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