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marijuana is a gateway drug and thats the end of story?

you get used to the effects of marijuana and move on to meth. Just like everyone gets used to the effect of alcohol and moves on to meth. Just like everyone gets used to nicotine and moves on the meth. Just like everyone that uses caffiene moves on the meth. Just like everyone who uses sleeping pills moves on to meth. But people that get perscribed vicodin post surgery dont get addicted. People that get perscribed adderal will be completely safe for the rest of their lives. anti-depressents that are handed out like candy are about as harmfull as candy(as long as you brush youre teeth :) )


95% of meth addicts have used marijuana. 95% of meth addicts have used alcohol. 95% of meth addicts have gone to church. 95% of meth addicts have had a teddy bear once in their lives. 95% of meth addicts can count to 10. 95% of meth addicts have driven a car. 95% of meth addicts have made a phone call. WAKE UP PEOPLE YOUR CHILDREN ARE IN DANGER!!!

Update 2:

Smoking marijuana initially gives you a 5 times greater chance for heartattack. So do scary movies. So does running on a treadmill. RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!

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    Do you live in a trailer park? People who get on meth, just want to be high. No all people who drink or smoke out do not necessarily go to meth. You sound like the US Government during the 1960's where they made videos to what happens if you smoke out. You become a druggie.

    This is not true. I know too many that only drink. Some get out of control with it. Most just drink socially, or special occasions. They don't stop by the trailer park to get their meth on

    The real fact about marijuana is that it's the least addictive of all the drugs, including alcohol. It was banned during the 1950's when it was associated with Mexicans who were very unpopular to whites who wanted blackie and pedro out of their country--not to mention all those cranky native Americans. At the time, there was also a religious movement going on that not only got "In God we Trust" on our money, but to enforce a strong moral code (look what that did during the 1960's) at the ground level to make for a strong anti-communist Americans that were inspired to work, and buy all these new things like washing machines.

    That's why marijuana is illegal now. It should be rethought.

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    Marijuana is not a gateway drug i started to smoke at 14 and now I'm 15 I only smoke 1 time out of the month and thats if i have money or a friend gives me some weed.i live a normal life and there's nothing wrong so tell your teacher that marijuana is not a gateway drug.people who say it is are just idiots. And i've never tried any other type of drug, because I'm not a dumb ***.

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    Lets calm down a little if you want to legalize weed get involved in a movement to make it legal. It is more of a gateway drug than legal drugs because your supplier is more likely to have access to and also be selling other illicit drugs as well as weapons. I would never argue that alcohol and prescription drugs can not lead to addiction they do. I also do not believe the bull that weed is not addictive and is harmless. As long as weed is illegal it is more dangerous because the dealers and suppliers are breaking the law and are willing to do anything (killing, stealing, home invasions, kidnapping) to supply you with your non addictive drug that you are willing to break the law to get. If you believe in legalization be a stand up guy stop using the stuff and fight to make it legal until that point you are just another pot head in a basement crying oh the injustice. Those of us who do not use are not going to do it for you. You got to fight and sacrifice for your right to party. Stand up get clean get a petition going ask people to sign. But do not come up to me reeking of weed and expect me to to take you seriously because you can not follow the law until you make it legal.

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    you are delusional in all its form.(why are you only a level two after 1 1/4 years?)

    Yes For most,Marijuana can be a gateway drug.For some it isn't.I'm sorry Meth is ruining your life in some sort of way,But Vicodin(aka Oxycontin) is an opium derivative,and is addicting.

    During my stint in rehab(and $4500.00 dollars later) I met people addicted to many things,including what you claim cant be.

    Source(s): 4 1/2 years sober,20 + years an addict.
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    Marijuana should be legal, but I don't think you should drive a semi truck if you use the stuff. Workplace Drug Testing is fine smoke all you want and get a job that doesn't require a drug est

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    The "gateway drug" argument is just one of the bogus arguments used to justify oppressive government control over what substances you can smoke, ingest or otherwise use.

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    prescription drugs are the most dangerous drugs there are right now

    marijuana is like the least dangerous, the politicians get mad when an un-biased study is done, because they always prove just that

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    looks like I'll be on meth before too long:( Mountain Dew is my addiction!!!

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    hahaha. i think you get it. yeah, a gateway drug. but hey, you forgot milk. you know almost everyone who goes on to meth started out on milk? that's probably where we should start, enough of this fooling around.

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    You'll find a lot more for that story if you google marijuana health.

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