Anyone know where I can find high resolution brushes for photoshop 7? Mainly looking for swirls and flowers?

I'm trying to make invitations and I would like to "stamp" scroll work onto them like this:

Anyone know where I can find free PS brushes that are compatible with PS7?

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    google "photoshop 7 brush set"

    You can make your own brush out of any image. Make it at least 800x800 dpi, or copy/paste or save and open an image you like.

    Leave it as it is, or convert it to black and white and adjust the contrast until it looks right.

    Go to file>define brush preset

    Open up your brushes. The new preset will be the last one. The black/dark areas will be the color you choose, with varying degrees of transparency depending on the shade of darkness. The white area will be clear.

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