Women only. What's your ideal body shape? Do you think the emaciated skinny look is attractive?

Just wondering what you ladies think what the perfect body shape is.

Do you think:

Voluptuous: (overweight) Queen Latifa

Curvy: (low average to average body fat with lots of muscle) Michelle Rodriguez

Muscular: (very little body fat with lots of muscle) Jillian Michaels

Lean: (a bit of body fat and a bit of muscle) Can't really think of any, they are either curvy or emaciated these days

Emaciated: (no body fat, very little muscle, anorexic - look) Keira Knightley

Mine is toned and muscly with some body fat. Curvy, yet very fit shape. Some what like Michelle Rodriguez but a bit more muscular and could have a bit more body fat. I don't mind muscular as well like Jillian Michaels but it might scare away men.

Thanks for your answers!


The reason why I'm asking is because experts say that women these days want to look anorexic but I don't believe them. I think the average woman wants to look like a woman and not a little boy.

Update 2:

I meant little girl:P

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    10 years ago
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    Im petite, im 5'1, but i wear a jean size 12. I honestly think that it doesn't matter as long as people are comfortable with their own bodies. My arms and legs are very fit, and my upper stomach is starting to show muscles now that i have been keeping up on my work-out routine. I try and take care of my body, by eating healthy and i actually like exercising! However i am trying to tone my lower belly and hips, those are my problem areas. I try and stay confident with myself, it just makes it worse when someone doesn't like their own bodies, you'll feel a whole lot better if you can wake up every day and be happy with who you are, i know cheesy right! lol! Good luck to you!

    :-) thanks!

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  • 10 years ago

    I always thought curvy was ideal, especially the hourglass shape (like Beyonce)

    I'm pear-shaped, so thats why :]

  • 10 years ago

    i think all of them can look attractive if they do it right, except for the anorexic one =\

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