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Buy or Sell: Wu-Tang Clan is a better rap group than N.W.A.?

I just want to hear your opinions of who is better? I choose the Wu-Tang Clan, because they have better flow and lyrics

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    You cannot even compare Wu Tang to this.

    NWA is overrated thats right i said it, Wu Tang has produced timeless classics for the children, NWA had one album they were a joke and they are all sellouts and posers

    Wu Tang is the greatest hip hop group of all time and NWA is not even in my top 10


    RZA is a better producer than Dre and U god debatably the worst in Wu Tang is 100 times better than anyone in NWA

    Wu tang did not have no ghostwriters

    The guy below me is an idiot and has never heard a Wu Tang Discography or an NWA discography he is just going by what MTV told him.

    Source(s): Ice cube wrote lyrics for everyone in that group i rest my case
  • wu tang clan more styles and better beats i assume ice cube wrote most of the lines in NWA i think wu tang have a better rhyme style as well

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    Wu tang was a better group, but N.W.A. popularized West Coast rap. N.W.A. is far more important to hip hop.

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    There is no comparison.

    Wu -Tang is a very good rap group, but you're talking about NWA. Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Ice-Cube, MC Ren... come on! They're legends.

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  • Buy BUT Nwa is way more influential

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    I will buy that.

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    Buy. I would buy that for one million dollars please

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