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YWWE Smackdown! pick winners and rate matches and show?

All matches determine the 6 pack challenge for US title

1.Robert Roode v Scott Hall

2. Desmond Wolfe v Elijah Burke

3. British Bulldog v Bryan Danielson

4. King Booker v Brutus Magnus

5. Shelton Benjamin v Paul Burchill

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    10 years ago
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    Scott Hall.

    Desmond Wolfe.

    Bryan Danielson.

    King Booker.

    Paul Burchill.

    That's a pretty cool show and well worth 9/10 !

  • Robert Roode

    Desmond Wolfe

    British Bulldog

    King Booker

    Shelton Benjamin

  • 10 years ago

    Scott Hall

    Eligah Burke




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