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Army can you apply for a pay advance online?

I was told to come into finance today to apply for a pay advance for my overseas PCS and they were closed today. Can you apply online for an advance of your paycheck? I don't want a loan just a pay advance. I know pay advances are common I just have never done one.


No, everyone who has done it in my unit and finance said that you pay it off over a 24 month period, its like 60.00/month.

Update 2:

and we need the money to PCS as noted. it comes out of our pocket and then we get paid back but we need the money in our pocket first. we had no notice to save, the pcs date was pushed up, a lot! There is no time for a travel pay advance or anything. I was told the only thing we could do was a pay advance, but I leave tonight and they were closed today. So I was just seeing if there was a way to do it online.

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    Do you want a Travel Pay advance or a Pay Advance? Those are 2 different things. He can put in a request for DLA - Dislocation Allowance and maybe TLE, Malt & per Diem if you are driving to that location. But cannot request an advance on TLA at all, as it is determined when there.

    If the AD member is asking for an advance on regular pay it is an option and sometimes for OCONUS PCS's it is a good idea because you can have lots of expenses out of pocket and it can take up to 2 months to be repaid. You do get a no interest loan repaid from 12 to 36 months.

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    Dude - the Army does not do pay advances online, FFS. If you need a pay advance, the first step is to go to your Orderly Room and have the nice company clerk start the paperwork for your COmpany Commander to sign and then go over to Finance. However, you get paid in a couple of days, so I don;t see any Commander signing anything.

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    Never ask for a pay advance as that will only put you in the hole and your next paycheck goes south if you do that. Live by your own means even if it is only payday to payday.

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