How do I convince my kids snow is dangerous?

we are supposed to get record snow where i am. i personally hate it. its cold and wet and cold. i know they are gonna make me play in it. i put them off last snow by telling them they had to clean their room before they could play in it. i dont think thats gonna work this time. how can i make them believe snow shouldnt be played in?

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    Good heaven's S@HM.....well it seems you've attracted a following LMAO. Well since I see this question for what it is, hyperbolic, I shall answer in kind.

    You should tie them to a chair in the basement and bombard them with images of Abominable Snowmen, Avalanches, horrible wipe outs on the bunny hill, etc. Then tell them that all the missing children in the world have gone missing because they played in the snow.....and that the Tooth Fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny and other misc. imaginary characters will never visit them again if they go out there. No kid can defy the laws of the Tooth Fairy. Problem Solved.

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    Please don't tell them that snow is dangerous. Simply tell them the truth; you don't like snow, and would rather stay inside. Offer to watch them play through a window, so they still feel like you're a part of it, as best as you can be. My dad used to do that for me, and I didn't mind. If your neighbours have children, let your children play with them, so they still have someone else to be with.

    If you REALLY want to convince them that snow is dangerous, tell them that they could get hypothermia and die, or need limbs amputated due to frostbite. Tell them that if they get too close to the road, a snow plow might come by and bury them under snow, and they'll suffocate. Tell them that animals burrow under snow, and that if they step into deep snow, they might step on and kill an animal. Those are 3 real dangers and a lie. Use them if you must.

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    Snow Kones

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    Snow is a fun part of winter for kids. I may not always want to be outside in it, but when my kids want to go out, I ask them to bundle up, wear socks, and to come in when they are cold. They have a ball! I used to be one of those parents who thought I had to watch my kids for every second they were outside, and if 1 had to go pee, we all had to come in. Thankfully, I came to my senses, and they are happy to be 'free-range' now. I'm happy to be a free range parent now too.

    The biggest warning I've given my kids this winter (age 7 and 9) was to stay away from some huge icicles we had hanging from the one part of the roof. Other than that... have fun. They sledded down the little hill made by the plow (sledding towards our yard, not the street), they build snowmen, make snow angels, throw snowballs, and all sorts of things. Our swingset even got a workout in the snow!

    If you feel you must be there every minute, sit on the porch as someone else mentioned, or sit inside next to the window. That way you can stay warm and they can enjoy the snow. The promise of hot cocoa with marshmallows or whipped cream is a nice enticement for them to come in once their faces are bright red, hair is plastered to their heads under hats, and they start to admit they are a little cold.

    Really, they will be ok. When I was a kid, an only child, I used to build my own little snow forts, and play alone outside in the snow.

    Relax and let them have FUN!


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    My kids have been playing outside in the snow ALONE since they were about 2. I stand in the front door and take pictures. I have several of my son at 3 & 4 shoveling the sidewalk - it's FUN for him! Personally, I'm not going out there, but they can play in it all they want!

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    I find it extremely sad that you are putting your self in front of your kids. As a parent you are required to make sacrifices for your children, and if you can't do that you shouldn't be a parent. Children will play in the snow whether you like playing in it or not, so suck up your inflamed ego and play with your kids in the snow.

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    Why do you think snow should not be played in? I can understand dirty snow or yellow snow. But, what is the harm in building snowmen, making igloos, sledding, or having snowball fights? I live in an area know for how much snow we get. It would be odd not to see kids playing in the snow. As long as your kids have a few layers of clothes, snow pants, hats, and gloves, spending a little time in the snow will not hurt. Not to mention they will probably love coming in to have some hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

    If you don't like the idea of them being out in the cold/snow because you don't want them to get sick, compromise a bit and let them go out for a little bit and tell them you'll have some warm soup or hot chocolate waiting for them when they get in.

    I played in snow almost everyday or every winter since I can remember....and I am fine. I still play in the snow. But now I do it with my son. Then we both go in and enjoy hot chocolate together.

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    first of all, it sounds like you have been snorting some snow. theyre kids, your just screwing them over in life by keeping them inside from snow. let your kids go play in the snow, and while theyre outside, read a parenting book, it might help. if that doesn't float your boat, you could always scare the crap out of them. say that the snow can make you only see things in white, depending on much much snow there is. paint your hand black and tell them that the snow bit you and now you cant move or feel it. im sure you can come up with many good ways to scare your kids, so i'll let you come up with a couple. glad i could help.

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    Let you're kids have fun! And you can only play once a year with snow^_^

    let them enjoy their childhood

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    You round up all of the other kids in the neighborhood who are having fun playing in the snow and convince them that the snow is dangerous. Then you find all of the other kids in your town, county, and state and convince them the same.

    Once your kids see that everyone else views snow as a guaranteed ticket to a painful death they'll be terrified of it

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