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老師要我們看完 但整本都英文的所以不太懂

問答題也以英文表示 有看過這本書的請幫我一下

1.What do you know about the Second War? Think of one date and one thing

that happened.What happened to Jewish people in the war ?

2.This story is the diary of a young girl.What sort of thing do you think she wrote about?Have you ever written a diary?what did you write about in it?

3.Here are some words about buildings.Find the words in your dictionary.(annexe

.attic.warehouse)ne is room,one is a building and one is a part of a building-which?Now write two sentences using the words.

4.Here are two words which are used in wartime.Find these words in you

dictionary.(concentration camp).(ration book)ow write two sentences using the


5.Find these words in you dictionary.(bookcase.story)

a.hen and why do people buy extra stores of food for their house?

b.Hoe many bookcases have you got in your house?Which rooms are they in ?

6.answer these questions:

a.Why do the Frink family move from Germany to Holland?

b.When do things get worse for them in Holland?

c.Why do they decide to hide?

d.Why is their hiding-place called\"The Secret Annexe"\

e.Who hides there?

7.What was life like for Jewish people in Holland after 1940? How would you feel

if you had to live like that? What would you miss most?


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