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很抱歉早上引起大家的恐慌, 我在此慎重的向大家說聲抱歉, 原因:

原本預計今早上可以出貨的, 但因為昨晚我司很晚才收到今日無法在早上及時完成貨物的訊息, .因為如你們所知, 因為CNY的假期, 以及艙位爆滿等因素 以及, 我司工廠從明日開始放假, 要等到2月底才會回來, 而導致今早必須在短時間內做出對consingee有利的決定~

我們別無選擇必須向XXX取消艙位, 原因是我在…..曾經要求XXX是否可以2/6交貨, 但如下列訊息,他們要求我們一定要在2/5的早上交貨~

也如早上XXX如信表示, 我司並沒有堅持一定要用我司的貨代, 因為我們雙方的責任在於安全的把貨送給客人, 以及符合客人的要求在3/15以前底達目的地不是嗎?…..


請不要用翻譯軟體....tks a lot.

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    We are really sorry about what had happened this morning that caused your panic. Please accept our sincere apology.

    Originally, we scheduled to make the shipment this morning. However, we just got the information very late last night that the goods couldn’t be completed in time as what we planned. As you know, people are rushing out the shipments before the CNY holiday therefore all shipping lines are fully booked. Plus, our company will be closed for the holiday tomorrow and won’t be back to work until the end of February.

    Due to this, we were forced to cancel the booking with XXX this morning in favor of consignee. We ever asked XXX if we could deliver on 6 Feb but as the message below showed, they insisted that we should deliver in the morning of 5 Feb.

    Also as letter of XXX stated we didn’t insist to use our forwarding agent. Isn’t it our mutual responsibility to deliver the merchandise to the customer safely and to arrive at the destination prior to 15 March per customer’s request?

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    I am so sorry for the panic this morning! I seriously apologize for that and the reason is:

    We had expected the delivery of goods were ready to go this morning but we were told that the preparation of goods was not done yet! , and as you know that Chinese New Year is coming, no flight seats are available and our company is taking days off tomorrow, we have to make a decision good for consingee in a short time.

    We have no choices but canceling seats of XXX. The reason is that I used to ask XXX if it's ok to set the date of delivery to 2/6 but they requested us to deliver by the morning of 2/5 according to the message below:


    Besides, just like what it said in XXX's letter this morning, it has proved that our company did not persist to use our freight forwarder because our duty is to deliver goods to customers safely and meet what they need before 3/15. Is that right?

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    if it's ok to set the date of

    2010-02-05 16:33:53 補充:


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    Besides, just like what it said in XXX's letter this morning,....

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    Was sorry very much the early morning causes everybody panic, I in this prudent to everybody said the sound was sorry, reason:

    Estimated originally in this morning may produce goods, but because I take charge of last night very late only then receive today to be unable to complete the cargo promptly in the early morning the news. Because like you know, because of CNY vacation, as well as seat on a ship very full and so on factors as well as, I will take charge of the factory to start from tomorrow to have a vacation, will have to wait till at the end of February only then to be able to come back, but will cause this morning to have to make in the short time to consingee advantageous decision ~

    we has no alternative must to XXX cancel the seat on a ship, the reason is I in .....Once requested XXX whether could 2/6 delivery, but like the following news, they requested us certainly to have to deliver the ~ also like early morning XXX

    like letter in 2/5 early morning to indicate, my Si Bing had not persisted certainly had to use the goods generation which I took charge of, because our both sides responsibility lay in safely gives the goods the visitor, as well as conformed to visitor's requirement in 3/15 to reach the destination by the front bottom not right? &hellip

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