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Pink Floyd fans: is it fair to say that Led Zeppelin is better & more complete than PF (plz read details)?

LZ > PF bands:

1) LZ vs PF bands: PF only wrote sad, depressing songs (and mostly slow songs). LZ wrote all kinds of songs: Rock n Roll (Immigrant Song etc), depressing (Ten Years Gone, Since I've Been Loving You etc), Bluesy (I Can't Quit You Baby, Lemon Song etc), Acid/psychedelic (Down By The Seaside, Dazed and Confused), Arabic/Middle Eastern (When the Levee Breaks, Kashmir), slow soothing (Tangerine), even scary songs (Whole Lotta Love). Pink Floyd didnt explore too many genres. PF are innovative with their cash registers, helicopters, classrooms, animals, lasers, movie and DSOTM t-shirts. LZ are musical genuises; they don't need them to be successful.

2) Band Members: PF fans said that Gilmour played with emotion & Page didnt. False. See the emotion in Achilles Stand, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter etc. Gilmour has only slow, emotional solos, Page has them all. People say Gilmour was a cleaner player & Page was sloppy, Page had much more variety. Plant is much better than Waters & Gilmour, Bonham was the best drummer ever, JPJ is a legend.

When PF fans run out of arguments, can only accuse LZ of being thieves. However, PF exploited Barrett's condition to keep themselves afloat ("Shine on you ---", "Wish you were here"), and had certain shady dealings to say the least.


Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man:

Guess you haven't heard esoteric Arabic music. I suggest you listen to some before talking about something you dont know about.

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    What's the point of comparing these bands though? Does it really matter? If someone loves Floyd more than Zeppelin, so what? It's their personal choice and feeling. They can't help what touches their soul and what music they vibe with more.

    I LOVE Zeppelin. And sure, I'll defend them but after awhile, there is NO reason to do it. People are still going to believe what they want. You can't change other people's opinions and views.

    As long as I like and listen to the Almighty Led Zeppelin, I really don't care what other people think about the band. Floyd is great and so is Zeppelin. Plain and simple. I love both, quite a lot. Plus people don't have to pick which one is "better" or "complete." They're brilliant bands but for different reasons. They made fantastic music and we are lucky enough to listen to them. End of story as far as I am concerned.

    Source(s): Ohhh okay. Thanks for the info, Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man!
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    Why can't you just accept they are both great bands. They aren't even the same genre Zeppelin was hard rock and Pink Floyd was progressive. Are you going to argue that Metallica vs The Beatles next. In terms of influence Pink Floyd has influenced thousands of bands while Zeppelin along with The Who were the last true hard rock bands as metal was rising. Don't get me wrong i love Led Zeppelin and i think they were much better musicians, but i think Pink Floyd was much more innovative and inspirational which can be seen in almost all modern progressive bands.

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    I will answer this question based on one Album alone. Pink Floyd had a moment, that moment was when they released, "Wish You Where Here". That Album, in my humble opinion, is a work of genius and timeless. Timeless, how you may ask? At almost 59 years old I can no longer sit through an entire Led Zeppelin album. Yes I loved them as a young adult but today I am good for about one song and that is it. However, with the album, "Wish You Where Here" I can sit though with the head phones on with my eyes shut and still enjoy. Floyd has manged to keep my attention even today after I have aged. In my opinion that says a lot.

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    Why do people continually compare these two bands? It's completely ridiculous. Both are entirely different styles of it really up to the person and what they like to listen to. Sometimes I like listening to Zep...and other times Floyd. It depends on what kind of mood I'm in. Both are equally great in different ways.

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    I am most definitely a Pink Floyd fan. I have the cover art from the Division Bell tattooed on my back, and before I had a CD player I bought Dark Side of the Moon 3 times on cassette because my tape player kept eating it.

    That said: I think you are right on the money. I love the talent Pink Floyd had to mix sound, to play with words and make dark thoughts come to life...

    But Led Zep just IS more complete, musically better, and well, less British ;)

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    Someone's going to have to explain to me exactly how "Whole Lotta Love" is scary and how "When the Levee Breaks" has middle eastern influences.

    Edit: Guys, whoever posted this is a troll. It's been put on here, like, 20 times now.

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    Okay, let's just prove this once and for all

    Musical grounds:

    Pink Floyd played a wider range of music than did Zeppelin. Zeppelin never strayed very far from the formula established on their debut; the heavy metal thunder spiced with folk and eastern influences, a lot of guitar. Pink Floyd covered more ground, from the raw psychedelic debut through the long-form controlled chaos era, through the post-Dark Side forays through jazzy improv and an album based on Orwell, to the insular Wall-Final Cut studio rock. In 1979, the band sounded nothing like they did in 1969; Zeppelin still sounded like Zeppelin.

    Edge: Pink Floyd for breadth, although Zeppelin deserves credit for sticking to what they did best. Floyd +1


    Waters was a great lyricist at his peak; "Dogs" is like a novella, but it never gets bogged down by its own words, a real achievement considering how so many have failed attempting that. Waters wasn't much of a cock rocker, so there wasn't much about love. But he was a relative highbrow in the world of rock, and his lyrics were deeply satisfying intellectually, and cynical in a fun way. This eventually became his undoing, as he got lost in words and forgot how to make music. Plant and Page were better lyricists than they're given credit for; the straight-to-the-point cock rockers and mystical forays were distinctive and stand the test of time well.

    Edge: Pink Floyd. Wider breadth again. Besides the cerebral stuff there was scary stuff, whimsical stuff, paranoid stuff, colorful stuff. Led Zep was more sex drugs and mysticism only. Which is useful stuff too, so no dis to Led Zep. But their music was better than the lyrics sometimes. Floyd +2

    Playing: Led Zeppelin wins on all fronts. Bonham trounces the puny Nick Mason, Jones beats Waters handily, Gilmour is great, but he's narrow in range and scope and he's up against one of the biggest titans of all. So Zep wins big. However, Pink Floyd's playing in the Piper at the Gates of Dawn through Ummagumma is some of the most intense music ever recorded in rock. Plant takes on all comers. Zep +3

    Album Covers: These were important too back in the day, and Pink Floyd wins very narrowly. Their Hipgnosis-designed covers were some of the most far out and spacy; the stuff you could stare at for hours. Zep covers were cool too, with physical gadgetry on Led Zep III (the spinning wheel) and Physical Graffiti (window shades), and the 4 randomized different covers for In through the Out Door.

    Floyd +1

    Personalities: Both groups were famously a$sholes. Floyd spat on their audience, Zep didn't credit their covers. Both have rap sheets of bad behavior. Both lost a member under circumstances of self-destruction. Zep loses, for worse behavior. Floyd -1 Zep -2

    Longevity: Floyd lasted 15 years without a lineup change, Zep lasted 11. Floyd +1

    Fan Devotion: Both are intense. Zep's is wider, Floyd's is deeper. Edge: it's a tie.

    Influence: Zep wins here. A lot of bands aped Zeppelin. Fewer bands copied Pink Floyd. Edge Zep +2

    Replayability: You gotta be in the right mood for either. But Zep is easier to fit a mood than Floyd. When driving down the street, "Good Times Bad Times" works and "Atom Heart Mother" doesn't. But if I'm chillin'... "Atom Heart Mother" might be just what the doctor called for Edge: Zep +1

    Final score: Led Zeppelin +4; Pink Floyd +4

    By golly, it's a tie!

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    Both bands are good for their own reasons and I don't see the need in comparing the two, your arguments are worth nothing when it comes down to it.

    You're comparing a Progressive Rock band with a Hard Rock band, Apples and Oranges man.

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    I have been naked and nasty to both bands. Both bands got me through high school. Both bands got me through a divorce (The Rain Song and Sheep, Dogs). I am 41 and they get me through 3 kids and light beer. I guess they are both timeless I never get sick of them. If I hear Hotel Calif or Dude looks like a lady ever again I might jump.

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    all i have to say is that both were highly influential and helped to chart the course of rock and roll during the 1970's.

    in fact both zep and floyd put out some of the 1970's best albums.

    end of story!


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