Anyone a spam victim and know how to stop or report it?

I got a e-mail from a contact that I knew indirectly from a mass e-mail list a friends and family. I consulted someone I knew since it seemed they were sending this same message as well. I asked if someone was using their address. Apparently they also seemed to get this message from the same contact. After googling livehealthclub spam I found out I wasn't the only one.

The first e-mail subject simply says "hi"

But if you don't click on the link a follow up e-mail from the same address says "Did you get my invite?"

It then says:

So and so wants to be your friend.


To accept this invitation, follow the link below:

Want to control which emails you receive from LiveHealthClub? Go to:

Since it looked like a request from someone close I accepted at first thinking that they were trying to be helpful and send me something health related as did they when they first received the message/invite they got. But when you accept apparently it spams your contact list with the message without your consent making look like you sent the e-mail/invite.

Is this a worm? How do we stop it??


I sweeped my computer and it didn't turn up any viruses. I scanned with spybot search & destroy, Malwarebytes, AVG, and Lavasoft Ad-aware. I unsubscribed and changed my passwords. I haven't heard of any complaints from my contacts about receiving an e-mail from me but I did receive the same message that was using a relative's mail address.

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    the same thing happened to me. I opened a harmless looking email from my cousin and thought she wanted to add me to her contact list. About half way through the process, it started asking me all sorts of personal questions. I backed out as I wanted to know more about how this information was going to be used. Then I discovered it had grabbed every contact out of my address book and spammed them with the same email!!! I was so embarrassed and ticked off!!! I had to send out an apology to everyone I know, and some I would rather not. This website needs to be put on notice about their unscrupulous marketing practices.

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  • Lyn G
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    1 decade ago

    It is spam from the senders address, THEY have the virus. However, if you opened that mail, AND clicked on the link you may have infected your computer, too. You must NEVER, ever open mail from some one you do not know; AND NEVER, EVER click on any links in mail that are suspect, or from people or companies you do not know - ever.

    Immediately have your computer checked for a 'bug' or 'bugs.' If you have the proper programs, do the scans yourself, if not you need to take your computer to some one who can.

    Once it is clean of pests, install a firewall and an anti-virus program if you do not have one yet.

    I strongly recommend a program for malware and adware also.

    After you finish this, then go in and change your password, using a good strong one.

    Also, check your account information and make sure no information was changed, if it was change it back immediately.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Report it as a phishing email . It does sound like a worm so change your password.*;_ylc=X3oDMT...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Thanks for the heads up. I've warned my contacts and posted on Facebook too.

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  • Jayne
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    Thanks for the 2 points do it...I dare ya

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