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Working thesis + 3 main arguments for Internet Censorship in China? Would this work?

I have a World Issues culminating (huge project given worth anywhere between 15 and 30% of your final mark). It's an essay about one of the issues in the world. My topic would be "China's Human Rights Record"; more specifically, China's Internet Censorship.

This project is not to justify internet censorship; it is your own opinion with information to back it up. Obviously, I am against China's internet censorship and am incorporating my opinion into my essay.

Previously I had asked for help in creating a thesis and three main arguments, but I think I've got it figured out and I'd really like other opinions to help me out and to make sure that I'm actually doing this right.

It's actually really not in proper format because it's all jumbled up in my brain and it meshes together when on paper. Which is what I need help with - any chance y'all can turn my mess of thoughts into a proper, well-written thesis & arguments? It would be VERY helpful to me.

Working thesis (well, a description of what I want as a thesis, really): When the government controls everything, including media, it hurts human rights the most. Aside from being an infringement on human rights, China's internet censorship issue hurts businesses as well. Because governments won't let businesses practice the way they'd like, it hurts businesses just as well as it hurts human rights. With this censorship act in place, China doesn't allow its own educated, knowledgeable people decide what is and isn't appropriate for them. Basically, the government has no rights in making decisions for its people by deciding what is and isn't right for them. Who is the government for making these kinds of decisions?

^ Those are my thoughts on China's internet censorship. Can ANYONE please put that into a more appropriate and well-written thesis for me? I'm desperate and I'd really appreciate your help!

And now, onto the three main arguments.

Argument one: It's an infringement on human rights. It doesn't allow people to make their own decisions.

Argument two: It hurts businesses because they have to spend so much time and money trying to change their company to comply with China's censorship laws. For example, Google and Yahoo!

Argument three: Recently with all these problems they've had, there's been so much corruption involved in trying to do the things that the governments want that companies take shortcuts, the "easy way out." For example, the baby milk that had poison in it, and the kids' toys that contained a high concentration of lead, etc.

Any way y'all can make that look... well, basically smarter? My mind's blank and I can't think of how to word it properly or make it well-written.


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    1 decade ago
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    I somewhat agree with you... Especially late at night when I'm looking at porn... But I lean a little towards Socialism when it's not my society we're talking about... I feel like there are some really good things about the internet ban in China... For example, their children are not exposed to the insanely vast amounts of information and thoughts around the world that make them grow up too fast... Is it a child's "right" to see porn while curiously surfing the internet?... Are we violating the rights of an extremist who researches how to make the bomb that goes on to kill 3,000 people?... Are we offending the sexual predators who scour social networking sites for displaced teenagers?...

    What I find absolutely amazing is that neither the Chinese gov't, American, Russian, or anyone have told the makers of the insanely offensive content to cease and desist their smut campaigns... I am not at all opposed to porno sites... I'm not even opposed to gay porno sites... What I'm offended by are the advertisements and search results that come back atop the search list for seemingly inoffensive search criteria... If you go to then one would expect a porno site... But if my child searches "local cheerleading groups" and yields 100 porno sites for "bang a cheerleader tonight" then I have to question the extent of "freedom" we grant to just anyone... It seems like the porno world has taken over the internet and "spammed" our cable internet lines... They need to realize they share this amazing technological advancement and yes, there are children watching... It is our obligation to protect them...

    Perhaps the Chinese gov't would be more willing to free up the internet if they could get control of viruses and deplorable content... I look up stuff on the internet that would offend 90% of the people living in the Bible Belt... But I don't think I'm insane... And I think there's a fine line that an authority figure must draw in the sand and say "Enough is enough... We have rules here"...

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Japan has no Internet censorship. China does have massive Internet censorship. I was in Guangzhou last year and and tried to email pictures of a child I was adopting back to the US. The first email got through but none of the 10 I sent after that. Many Web sites are blocked by the Chinese government and ALL activity on the Web is monitored.

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    Hope this helps!

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