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airplane mode???????

what does airplane mode do? if you have it turned off or on does tht mean you cant receive any calls or texts?

so even if your not on a plane.. you can turn it on or off.. how ever tht works.. and you wont be able to receive anything right? but when you turn it on or off again.. if you got any texts or calls during tht time period you will be able to recieve them?

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    Airplane mode turns off all telephone functions that require radio signals—which includes voice calls and text messages, and Internet access (e-mail and Web). It's called airplane mode because it's designed specifically to allow you to use other functions of your telephone while you're on an airplane. The FCC prohibits using a cell phone to make calls or do other things that require radio signals while in flight, so many manufacturers have added an airplane mode to their phones so that they don't have to be turned off completely.

    In airplane mode you cannot make or receive voice calls, you cannot receive or send texts, and you cannot use any Web or Internet functions, including sending and receiving e-mail.

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    "Airplane" or "Flight" modes on phones turn off the wireless antenna for your phone. You won't be able to make or receive calls or texts. You don't need to be on a plane to use Airplane mode.

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