abreaveations: what do...?

lamo, lmfao, emo, wtf(is that what the freak or what the ****?), wth, wtc, lbva, cdea, xyz(isnt that examine your zipper?), mfi, wtfh, wtfch, wtfc, and gdohn stand for?

ive seen them all here on wonderful yahoo answers, with the exeption of 'xyz' which my mother said to my sister's friend a couple days ago. ive also seen most of these in the commets ppl leave on youtube vids...


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  • 1 decade ago
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    I know what a few of them mean.

    lmao = laugh my a$$ off.

    lmfao = laugh my f**k!ng a$$ off.

    emo = i guess it's a type of music.

    wtf = what the fu**

    wth = what the hell

    wtc = what the crap

    xyz = yes, examine your zipper

    mfi = made for idiots

    wtfh = what the f**ck!ng hell

    that's all i know.

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  • 1 decade ago

    laughing my *** off

    laughing my ******* *** off


    what the f*ck

    what the Hell

    what the cr@p

    xyz= Examine ur zipper

    and Idk the rest

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