How can I achieve Darwinian Success?

Any advice on how I can achieve Darwinian Success? I don't like kids or anything, it's all about the DNA.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What the hell? What reason is there to achieve what you refer to as 'Darwinian success' for the sheer circular point of achieving 'Darwinian success'?

    Understanding the way in which nature works does not oblige us to mimic its patterns in our behaviour.

    When homo sapiens developed it's peculiar cognitive abilities, such as self-awareness, consciousness, the ability to simulate future events, and to use abstract concepts, and to use metaphor and analogy and allegory, it moved beyond, for the first time on this planet, being subject to the rules of natural selection. Cultural evolution turned the entire concept of biological fitness on its head. We changed the rules. Humankind, as the Universe's roundabout way of understanding itself (one of Sagan's most beautiful lines by the way), liberated itself from its biological heritage, whatever that entails.

    Was your question a joke? ****, I hope so! Too many people fall into this trap, of thinking, for hell knows why, that there is some kind of ultimate purpose to the propagation of genetic information. The usage of 'purpose' in that context is misleading, and confusing.

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    1 decade ago

    sperm bank

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