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New kitten nightmare?

I bought a persian kitten in nov for £450 from a breeder and ive had nothing but problems. Her eyes and nose are alway weepin with discharge. I rang the breeder up asking for advice and she said to ring back later in the day as she was going out. Then after that

Everytime i ring theres either no answer or her husband answers to tell me shes not in. Ive had her at the vets and they gave her antibiotics that caused no improvment. I dont know what to bath her eyes and nose with somtimes she struggles to breath. Any advice would be brilliant.

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    I would see the vet about a stronger antibiotic. Keep working with your vet with antibiotics until the infection is completely gone. Also have the vet check the kittens tear ducts. Often in Persians the tear ducts are misshapen or blocked or even non-existent due to the extremely flattened face. This can cause tears to drain down the front of the face and down into the mouth. Flat faced Persians often have a hard time breathing due to the facial structure. So, really, see the vet about these things.

    What age did you get this kitten? A responsible breeder would not let a kitten go until 12 weeks of age. If you got this kitten younger, especially at 6-9 weeks of age that could be contributing to a lot of the trouble as well. At about 8 weeks kittens' immunities are switching over from what they get from their mothers to their own systems. They are especially prone to illness at this time which can just get worse and snowball once started

    As for the irresponsible breeder... did you have a contract with her? What did it say about vet checks and medical issues? If you did not have a contract, sadly, you probably did not pick a very good breeder. If you had a contract it probably said you had so many days (3-5 usually) to have the kitten vet checked for health. If you did and the kitten checked out fine, then the breeder is no longer responsible. If you were to have the kitten checked per a contract, and did not, then a health guarantee would be null and void. If, however, you did have a contract and had the kitten checked and it was sick at the time, then you have recourse and need to send a letter to the breeder stating her responsibility per her contract.

    Unfortunately there are so many backyard breeders out there, especially of Persians, that this sort of thing is, sadly, all too common.

    Good luck with your kitten. I hope she feels better soon.

    Source(s): Professional Responsible Cat Breeder http://www.blueskycats.com
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    It sounds like she either is sick, or is not well bred, and has problems due to her facial structure. Persian cats are known for tear duct and breathing issues because of the flat face. Unfortunately, breeders often put appearance before wellbeing, and cat shows don't always help, by rewarding these breeders for the appearance of their cats rather than the health of them.

    If I were in your position, I'd ring another breeder and ask them your questions. Breeders are often very happy to discuss the problems in cats bred by rival breeders, and you can often get some good info out of them. You might also get some slightly prejudiced information on your cat's breeder's reputation. Take some info with a grain of salt, but it might still be worth a try as most breeders will have the experience to know what kind of health issues kittens can have.

    Good luck

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    Poor little kitty. You can bath her eyes and nose with a little warm saline solution on a cotton ball, just make sure it is not too wet when you wipe her nose or she may inhale water drops and choke a bit. Keeping her in a room with a humidifier will help too. It does sound like a nasty respiratory infection, possibly even pneumonia. Contact the vet again to see if switching her medication would help. She may even need IV meds for a few days.

    As to the breeder, it sounds like she knowingly sold you a sick kitten. Sad, but not all breeders are very reputable. You can report her to Animal Control, but you most likely will not get your money back from her. It may help the other kittens in her home and prevent her from scamming other would be kitten buyers though.

    I hope your little kitty feels better soon!

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    Dont Give Up On Your Cat. My Cat Had Teeth Problems We Were Told To Take Him Back To The Rescue Centre But Didnt Give Up On Him. Try Washing His Eyes Out With Cool Boiled Water And Look For A Herbelist Vet In Your Local Yellow Pages And I Also Suggest Taking Him Or Her Back To The Vet About The Antibitiocs.

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    get some medication for her eyes too...

    this may have advanced to Pneumonia now if she is struggling to breathe. (call your vet for advise on this) If you can rig up a oxigin tent for her.. that might give her more oxigen to help her to breathe. And ./Or a humidifier...

    since you KNOW where the breeder lives ... GO OVER THERE.. (take a big guy with you) get your money back or at least stop the check / credit card payment! or at least the money you are paying for vet bills.

    and call the Better business bureau (or what ever controlls bad businesses ) and the SPCA and report her.

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    You got taken by a backyard breeder. What kind of health guarantee did you get from them? If you didn't get one, then you don't have much of a course of action against them. I would call up your local animal control and report them, and just keep the kitten seeing the vet and try to take the best care you can of it. Hopefully, the kitten will pull through this, and you will research your breeder a little better next time so you and your family don't have to deal with this heartache.

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    Here's some advice - RESEARCH before you buy a kitten next time and don't support horrible backyard breeders like this one.

    Did she sell a TICA or CFA registered (or equivalent) kitten?

    Was the kitten at least 12 weeks old?

    Did she allow you to come see the cattery and the conditions the animals were kept in?

    Did she provide a health guarantee?

    Did she give you proof that this kitten is PKD negative?

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    You can use UNSCENTED baby wipes anything else will cause lint to get into the eyes and can cause more inflammation.I would go ahead and call the vet and get her meds changed to something stronger. She has URI and stronger meds should take care of it.I work with URI cats. I have had great success with vaporizers. You know something to put moist,warm, steam into the air. I also add a little Vick's menthol rub to it.You could also place the cat into the bathroom and turn on a warm shower and get it all steamy.

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    Does this cat have a pedigree? Or is this someone who just breeds cats as they please for financial gain? If it's the latter then I'm afraid you brought this on yourself and the cat is probably inbred and very poorly raised by a mother who has probably pushed out multiple litters every year.

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