what should i include for a france report?

i need what they do for fun and info about the people

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    French people are very family orientated and like to meet family and friends over a long meal, either at home or in a restaurant, or going out as a family .They will meet friends in town at a café and chat over a drink.

    For fun they do very much like everyone else does in most other countries: stay at home and watch TV or DVD's. If they live in a town they go to the cinema or a show now and again. They take trips out, for instance to the seaside and the beach when it is warm enough, to the countryside, walking outdoors or in forests. They have picnics, and outdoor pursuits. They enjoy personal hobbies such as sailing, sports, dance, music, needlework, craft, painting, horse riding, swimming, ballooning, windsurfing, and many other pastimes.

    There are public events, fairs, circuses, exhibitions, folk events, carnivals, parades, football matches, concerts, theatres, discos, night clubs.

    They go on holiday to the seaside, the mountains, to other regions than their own, or they travel abroad or to neighbouring countries.

    Generally speaking they are rather reserved with strangers but become very friendly when they know them better. They are polite and dislike rudeness. They are proud of their environment: streets are litter free, but some people are careless with their dogs which results in dog poop in towns.They take good care of their homes. Contrary to the myth spread by some ignorant people they are very hygienic, their homes are clean and their gardens well cared for. They have stunning public gardens, and each town has art work of some sort from ancient statuary to extremely modern artifacts and some spectacular fountains.There is a wealth of ancient monuments which are well preserved ranging from pre-historic sites to splendid castles and stunning cathedrals.

    They love good food and whilst there are some quick food outlets like Mc Donald's, on the whole they prefer wholesome traditional cooking made with fresh ingredients. Bread is bought fresh daily from the bakers and cakes are to die for.

    They work hard but on Sunday they rest. Other than bread shops and florists which are open in the morning, and some supermarkets in towns, all shops are closed on Sundays, but not restaurants. During the week shops close during the lunch hour and children have a two hour break from school between 12 and 2.

    They tend to dress conservatively and do not go for slapdash wear.

    There is a variety of ethnic mix as traditionally France has welcomed people from other countries and races. Quite a few French citizens originate from past colonies. However each region has its own character, traditions and customs. The main religion is Catholicism, but there are some Protestants, some Jews, and an increasing number of Muslims originating from North Africa.

    Finally the French are very bureaucratic and there are all sorts of administrative loops one has to jump through to do many things.

    The present currency of France is the Euro and it is a member state of the European Union.

    If you need more information about other aspects of France, there are masses of facts to be found on this website:


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