I'm HIV Positive..Can I still go into LawEnforcement?

I just found out that I'm HIV Positive in Nov.09.Can HIV Positive people still go into law enforcement?

I was diagnosed with HIV November of 2009.I want to go into law enforcement,but I know that you have to go through a medical exam and pass it.

Will my condition of being HIV Positive prevent me from being able to go into law enforcement?

During the medical examination, do they test for things like HIV and/or even do blood tests?

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    This is a very unique question. If you are not showing any symptoms and are physically capable of doing the job, I can't forsee a doctor "failing" you on the physical.

    However, you do work in close contact with the public and other emergency response personnel and most likely you will find yourself in a situation where you pose a biohazard at some point in your career.

    If you were to be denied, it would come from the state, not the medical exam. The physicals I have received did not do blood tests, but they will request medical records. You may be able to sneak by not saying anything, but you are going to put everyone at risk. If you get injured, can you live with yourself if your lie causes infection to your partner? A victim? A medic or bystander?

    I'm very sorry to hear that you are sick. Please don't take this to mean I think you should go crawl and hide somewhere, just that I'm sure you know you will have to be more cautious. New medicine today makes it harder for you to be contagious and harder for others to become infected, but I'm not sure the state commission will allow it. On the other hand, there are a lot of laws that prohibit discrimination. My old old partner had MS and was originally going to have to resign. He filed a lawsuit and got his job back, and he will be continue to work until his doctor finds him unfit for duty.

    I think the best thing for you to do is call the state training commission and ask. This will save you from starting the process and being let down. There are other areas of crime fighting you can go into if you really want to serve the justice system. Have you considered becoming a dispatcher, crime scene processor, forensic analyst, or private detective?

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    Oh man that must suck that you are HIV+

    You can't get into the Police because you're working closely with the public, and HIV can spread through blood, so if you get injured, you're risking people around you.. it's for the best.

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    You cannot go into law enforcement as HIV positive.

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    In response to HERMANN V -- you have to work the roads for X amount of years before you can become a detective or work as an officer within the unit. A dispatcher job might be something more up your alley though...

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    No, you cannot go into law enforcement. Police departments are exempt from the Disabilities Act, and for good reasons.

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    That should not stop you from being a desk cop like working on cases or homicides in the station.

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