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do girls always get harrassed online??? please read full story?

i was playing halo the other day and the enemy team had full on head sets. everyone thought they had a stupid kid on their team when it actuely turned out to be a girl, once the enemy team learned this they all of a sudden started judging her on how bad she plays on the game and they kept asking her for a phone number.

now i hope not all girl gamers are treated like this, am i wrong to think that???

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    For the most part yes. Online people can be as means as they like and they never have to get in trouble for it. It's very easy to target a girl gamer and make fun of her for many reasons and then treat her as a object. The fact is non of these boys would ever have the nerve to say any of that in person or even has for her phone#. The more mature the game the less this happens. Halo has been pinned 12 and younger you'd think if you heard live chat. I've plenty many different games and a lot of girls will stay quiet and not allow people to know there a girl. I don't blame them people can be so mean.

    I play a lot of World of warcraft. They are more accepted as good gamers here then anywhere esle i have incountered this poblem but it still exist even in a game when 50% of the players are 21 years or older.

    It's most likely the reason why Female players is growing slowly instead of the fast pace that male gamers are.

  • iDork
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    No I don't think it's all girl gamers. But those that chose to pick on girl gamers probably have a ***** for a mom which is why they don't treat girls with respect.

    Some girls says something dumb but it's not just girls.

    I'm a girl gamer and I wouldn't take offense to it since they don't know me so why does anything they say matter. Then again there is always MUTE.

    I think some groups are under some agreement that they will all pick one person and just hassle/harrass them. I think they are trying to be funny and make each other laugh, rather than purposefully trying to hurt the person. I can understand this because sometimes I get a laugh from what they say. I have been one of the chosen ones and I never said a word to provoke them.

    When I was one of the chosen ones I would shoot them just enough, without killing them, to make it easier for the opponents to kill them. :) I know it's not good sportsmanship, but I get a kick out of it. :) Losing EXP points or not gaining EXP points because my retaliation is so worth it.

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    There are already a lot of great answers here so I'll try to add something else to the conversation:

    Strangely the genre of game affects the way people react to a girl gamer. Most immature reactions happen in FPS games. FPS games are home to the tea bagging and trash talking gamers so it naturally is home to poor gender communication.

    Where as MMORPGs tend to have friendships and respect shown to girl gamers since the goal tends to be to work together.

    Perhaps it has something to do with the emotions or hormones that are set off in those experiences?!

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    Depends on the game and the people who play the game...and how well the girl plays. If you're really bad, then sometimes people forgive you just because you're a girl. Or they just think all girls suck at gaming. If you're real good, then they think you're pretty good - for a girl. Or something. Most of the time, people don't know I'm a girl, because I don't want my gender to get in the way of the game. The way I see it, I would rather people didn't treat me differently.Sometimes you get free stuff, sometimes you get respect. Either way, I used to get treated like **** so now I mostly play single-player. Because if you sound like a girl, you're actually a kid whose voice hasn't broken yet.

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    I've had a few teenage guys say something dumb to me in games, but after my friends and I beat them, they shut up. Most guys on Live are fine with playing with girls. There are a lot more girls on Live than there used to be. Many girls get themselves into trouble by using attention seeking gamertags or constantly talking while playing. As long as you at are a good teammate, it doesn't matter what sex you are.

  • Anonymous
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    The girl was probably acting like an idiot. Or the guys were being idiots.

    Not all girls are treated like this on games.

    If you're really that worried about it then just introduce yourself as a guy in the game.

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    Yep. You are wrong. I don't know of any girl gamer that hasn't been harrased by idiot guys.It happens all the time. That's why I use a gender neutral game name and typically don't use the mic on my headphones..

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    I got that all the time. they would sexually harrass me, telling me that they want to come over and do............. but they always stfu when i had more kills and won mvp over all of them every time. Its pathetic. They never new I was a girl until I yelled Sh** or F*** but they assumed i was a guy by my name ScremoSlayer... << my friend made that I know its spelled wrong... but yeah.. it sucked.. i quit playing it mainly just cause of that.

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    A lot of teenagers (and young adults) act like idiots when given anonymity. Teenaged boys, doubly so.

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