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Why does the United States spend more on the military than the rest of the entire world combined?

23% of the budget is spent on defense.

Please explain this to me.

What are we so afraid of?

Are we a bunch of sissies?

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    area 51 we have to pay off the aliens

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    I'll explain it to you a little better than everyone else has so far. In each one of those links, there is no break down on what the defense budgets are spent on. On the surface, I assume you believe it is on weapons and the active force. Actually, a HUGE portion of the defense budget is spent taking care of the troops AFTER their service (pension, medical, education, etc.). Think about this. Eeveryone who was ever in the military and stayed until retirement is getting a pension for life. That is a lot of people that have to be paid and that is all part of the defense budget. There is also the money that covers SGLI (military insurance). Finally, there is the money paid to defense industries that develop systems, weapons, do maintanence on things already purchased, food, clothing...the list is endless. In other words our military is the best equipped and best cared for on the planet. If you don't think someone who got their legs blown off so that you even have the right to complain about how much you are spending on them, maybe you are in the wrong country.

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    Actually, it is the exact opposite. We spend the most on the military because it makes people fear us, and when people fear something they tend not to get involved in confrontations with it. To be clear, in the last 100 years there have been exactly 4 wars on U.S. soil since our inception as a country; the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, and World War II (one battle took place in the Aleutian Islands). And in recent history there have only been two major attacks directly on U.S. soil, one being Pearl Harbor and the other 9/11.

    Having such a large military expenditure has also given us a competitive advantage in military tactics and technology because we spend more time and money on it. This makes our military that much more difficult to beat for our enemies.

    One unfortunate side effect of having such a grand military though, is that we have become world police. I do not agree with getting involved in everyone else's problems, but that is what happens when countries that cannot defend themselves need someone to do it for them. To make that point more clear, we are the defense provider for Japan, one of the most "westernized" countries in the world does not have its own standing army because of World War II.

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    Yes, we are a bunch of sissies... that is why my husband joined the army to be a freakin sissy. Not to go out there and defend your way of life or your ability to say stupid crap online. If you have such a big issue with it go live some where else where your government won't support you or your stupid thoughts like ours will.

    A chunk of that goes to support the families that the soldiers leave behind to fight for you. My children go through life everyday right now without their dad and I sure as heck think that it isn't too much to ask the government to toss some money to help out families and children affected.

    How much thrown away on bail outs, reforms and unwanted health care and you can find nothing better to do with your time then wine about the cost of your security. If I wasn't a lady I would so punch you.

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    We spend that much so we can continue to be the best Fighting Force in the world. The Russian Air Force for example doesn't put alot of money into their force and thus can barely afford gas and maintenance for their planes so they end up sitting on the ground.

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    The reason is simple: Si vis pacem, para bellum.

    And just so you know, we are spending considerably less than we did during the Cold War, so relax. Our military is just a shadow of what it was then, manpower-wise.

    The defense portion of our GDP is at 3.9% (based on the latest figures I could find, FY 2005), and in the Cold War, it was 7.5% of the GDP.

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    Jesus Christ. Anyone who can use the internet as well as you apparently can should know the answer to this. You don't stay top dog by letting the other dogs chew you up. You want to be top dog; it costs. If you don't like it write start writing letters and protesting (peacefully please). It would help to vote too.

  • Would you be saying this if we were being attacked on our own soil? No. Enjoy your freedom and quit complaining.

    Oh, and just a little advice, using Wikipedia makes you look like an ***.

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    european disarmamant led to 50,000,000 dead in ww2,,on 2 continents,europe got steamrolled by the germen nazihunden,(popular song in chermany,'wie hat die unden lassen aus?,translate u culchurvulchures),japan went ape s h i t in asia.

    this resulted in vast destruction to villages,houses,deathcamps,a million miles of rubble,ruined farms

    dead hosses,dead dawgs,mass graves.

    20,000 ,000 russians, ( dead),600,000 americans lost their lives,

    the 15,400,000 service vets who survived formed a national concensus,whether dem or republican

    'what happened to them must N E V E R happen to us',and they recounted to their kids and wives

    what they did,and witnessed,,some among them served in political office

    harry truman,artillery officer ww1

    dwight eisenhower,ww2

    jack kennedy,ww2

    nixon,ww2 (not a war vet)

    jimmy carter ( usn???)

    daniel inouye,,ww2

    robert dole

    henry kissinger

    george mcgovern

    col robert mccormick

    jimmy stewart,,(movie star)

    studs terkle,,journalist

    their mindset was,and remains for most of the country,state media opinion notwithstanding,

    those who mess with us will be confronted far from our boundaries,,,,,,,,'

    it's called a forward defense.Thats the way it was,is,and will be alfonso

    regards to ralphie bottles,used to enjoy kidding the cute mexican girls at castle acres motel

    in hickory hills in the 70s

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    Because we can.

    And a lot of older people haven't figured out that the Cold War is over and it is far more effective for our rivals to attack us assymetrically than conventionally.

    Call it paranoia...

    Source(s): Six years in the U.S. Army
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