Who Has More Money In TOTAL, Sony Or Microsoft?

Im just curious, my brother says Sony.

because when you think of it, Bill Gates has the 90$ billion +

But Microsoft Has Alot Less Branches, And When You Consider How Much Money Sony Pictures Makes Alone From All The Movies, Then BMG, Then Gaming Division, Bravia, etc...

just curious.


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    Sony has $79 billion in revenue. Microsoft has $58 billion.

    Sony has $230 billion in totat assets. Microsoft has $77 billion.

    Sony has $50 billion in equity. Microsoft has $39 billion.

    Sony has $1 billion in net income. Microsoft has $14 billion.

    Sony has an operating income of $2 billion. Microsoft has $20 billion.

    So what does this say? Two things:

    1. Microsoft is generating more profits at the end of the day and is more likely to generate more profits for you in the future (if you're thinking of buying out one of the two, for example).

    2. When it comes to more money in total (which is what your question asks), SONY HAS MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!! Anyone who says Microsoft doesn't really realize how big Sony is. Its not like they just make TVs and Playstation consoles, you know. They make all sorts of consumer electronics. Communications equipment including mobile phones. They are a very big part of the music industry (Sony Music Entertainment is part of the "Big 4" and is the 2nd biggest of the 4). Also a big part of the movie industry (they are one of the "Big Six" major film distributors). The Blu-Ray technology. Batteries and other chemicals. Oh, and let's not forget storage media, including blank CDs, blank DVDs, media storage cards, etc. etc. etc. What does Microsoft do? Windows and Zune players.

    Microsoft is pretty much a software company at heart. Sony is literally a CONGLOMERATE that "wets their beak" into just about everything that has any relation to the term "media".

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    OMG some of these people have been brain washed by Microsoft.....

    The only thing that I see from them is Xbox, Windows and Zume or Zune whatever.., while Sony has Sony Pictures (Movie), Cameras, Bravias (TV), Sony Pictures Animations, Cellphones (Ecisson), Laptops and Computers (Vaio), Headphones (Which are the best in my opinion), MP3's, coming soon Dash, and tons of more...

    Hence that's why Sony is a very big company than Microsoft.... (if you don't believe me go to Japan, you even barely see any Microsoft stuff over there.) So, Sony makes more money than Microsoft overall.

    Yea sure Bill Gates is the richest man, but he donates his money to the poor people in that one charity place.. and I think he's retiring or already is.

    sickcallaway (Sarcastic Joker)

    done his homework which explains it all

    Source(s): Make. Believe http://www.vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?id=71016 http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=200902... Sony http://www.forbes.com/lists/2009/18/global-09_The-... Microsoft http://www.forbes.com/lists/2009/18/global-09_The-... Not sure why Microsoft's rank is higher than Sony but idk.... The way I see it is that Sony sells more product than Microsoft since it has more branches....
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    Sony, they make much more stuff and products overall like TV's, bluerays players, DVD players, stereos, ext.

    Microsoft makes a bit more money in the gaming division but not overall

    Bill gates isn't microsoft, he owns it, so whatever money is his doesn't actully belong to microsoft, he keeps his own money

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    1 decade ago

    Microsoft has MUCH more branches then Sony, and significantly more money. Microsoft's MANY divisions have even been split for forming monopoly's and have sense almost been split up numerous times.

    Sony is not even close to forming a monopoly.

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    Sony are currently trying to stay solvent (they lose money on all the PS3's and Bravia's they sell ATM), so as much as it pains me to say it, Micro$oft have more money.

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    microsoft, if it makes my answer worth any more i just got out the shower and im naked


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    1 decade ago

    microsoft for sure

  • Marc G
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    1 decade ago

    i would say microsoft lol

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