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Wong asked in 政治及管治法律及道德 · 1 decade ago

美國入籍問題 (急) Thx so much

我男友持有Green Card 及居住New York 已18年,現佢巳申請跟已入籍15年的爸爸入籍.請問要等多久?佢已比晒Form and $400 Bank Cheque,但到而家差唔多接近一年,聽人地講話會好快收到Receipt and Case number但到而家佢咩都冇收過U.S.A Immagration話Process緊,.........>_<同埋佢跟Daddy入籍,要唔要text and interview??(佢daddy同埋全家入藉咗15年)

另外,諗住佢一入籍後,我同佢就註冊結婚,我係持B2 証旅遊耆身份到NY,而家我extent 咗可stay多6 month.我要準備d咩攞臨時green card同埋入籍.Thx so much!!!


***** Thank you for all the information

Btw, What is the different between form: I-129F and form: I-130.

Thank you!

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago
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    how old your boy friend now?

    現佢巳申請跟已入籍15年的爸爸入籍 ----- if he is under age 34, he should be an US citizen long time ago lar...) when his father became US citizen, he was 3 years old, he was automatic became citizen wor....

    if he came to US after his father became US citizen, that is nothing to do with his father citizenship to him now ........

    the information you gave in your questions are very confused... you sure that is what he told you?

    in normal, citizenship application now only take 4 to 6 month for interview and exam. why have to wait 1 year +.?

    **** if he never received USCIS receipt and case number, how can he knew his case is proccessing? without the number, no one can check the file and statue wor ........ will he lie to you, somethings??

    he does not need to wait for citizenship to marry you. the citizenship only help the proccessing simpler and easier for your green card application. acturally, not much different. so, no need to wait.!

    after you married, after you file the i-130 to apply green card, after you received the approval letter after interview. you can legally stay in US without green card, and you can apply working permit.

    green card issue through marriage will takes about 2 years in normal proccess.

    so, marry early now is better than late, you canl shorter the waitting period, right?

    i live in NY too, e -mail me for more Qs if you like.

    2010-02-07 08:18:38 補充:

    the sooner you get the green card after you maried is about 2 years, you already in NY, you can marry first, then file the application any time you want....

    the citizen or not citizen is not a problem in your case.

    2010-02-13 08:43:45 補充:

    i live in NYC, so you can e mail contact me so we can talk over the phone......

    it seems your case is very confuse..... you should find out more informations and details.

    Source(s): live in Us over 30 yrs
  • 1 decade ago

    Hmm.....Did your BF finished Citizenship Test yet?

    If not, it takes 3 months from applying to allocating a slot for your BF to take US Citizenship test.

    After the Citizenship test,it take another 3-4 months to arrange for interview and Citizenship procedure.

    You may or may not heard anything back until your test appointment is near (about 1 month ahead) so i would say it's either your application is undergo mailing snafu or it was losted. Check with CIS to see if they received the application yet.

    另外,諗住佢一入籍後,我同佢就註冊結婚,我係持B2 証旅遊耆身份到NY,而家我extent 咗可stay多6 month.我要準備d咩攞臨時green card同埋入籍.Thx so much!!!

    If i were you, i will go back to HK and wait for your BF Citizenship proceeding.

    Getting B2 and apply status adjustment is technically illegal, although you will have a chance to get the adjustment, chances are equally high that they will deport you as you violate the B2 Visa limitation (Seeking Settlement in US). Remember, if you got deported, you may not reenter US for 10 years (not 3 years as this is a break of condition not simply overstay) it will seriously impact your application of green card and Citizenship later on.

    You can, however, apply for a waiver to waive all that so they won't deport you, butwill you got this or not is totally depend on how the panel judge rules. You have no say in that.

    All in all, it look like your BF need to restart Citizenship procedure anyway, your B2 will again ran out before hegot it for sure, so you should really consider going back to HK before CIS is doubing your intention.

    Source(s): US Citizen myself ,have friend working in USCIS
  • Gary
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    1 decade ago

    In answering your questions:

    Usually within 2 months of application, your boyfriend should receive a receipt and an appointment notice for fingerprint. If he has not received any of these, check with the bank and see if the check has been cashed.

    It sounds like that the application has been lost in mail.

    If the check has been cashed, but he is certain that he received nothing, call USCIS for detail.

    If he has received the receipt and fingerprint has taken, there is a possibility that his name has problem when running background check with FBI, again, contact USCIS.

    In a simple way, unless he is so certain that USCIS did not received the application, otherwise contact USCIS,

    Also, in average, it takes half a year to naturalize. So your extension will be expired again.

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