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題目:An unexpected present






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    An unexpected present

    This morning, when I was still in bed, the door bell rang.

    I woke up and peeked through the door hole. It was my best friend, Amy. It is quite strange that she visited me such early.

    I opened the door. She shouted, " Happy Birthday!" I then realized that today was my birthday. Amy was holding a huge box. It was the present for me. She handed it to me and I opened it curiously and slowly. Oh, it was a cage with two lovely hamsters!

    The two hamsters are both in white. They sized same as a new born baby's hand. In the cage, there is a slide and a wheel for them to exercise. The two hamsters seemed to enjoy themselves.

    I was suprised to recieve this gift. Last week, I wrote a composition about my favourite animals, hamsters. I let Amy to view it afterwards. She then gave me real hamsters as gift. How scrupulous she is!

    I love the hamsters a lot and named them Mary and Peter. They then live with happily!

    2010-02-04 22:35:15 補充:

    They then live with me happily!

    Source(s): myself=]
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