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avi8712 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


請問胸部外擴的英文 如何說

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    胸部外擴(乳房外擴)expansion extramammary

    outer expansion ,outside the extended都是胸部向外擴展

    您可以參考這個防止胸部外擴的文章:outside the extended

    Occurrence of age: adult 發生年齡:成人

    Cause: The reason for the formation of some expansion may be genetic, that is outside the extended congenital type (on both sides of the breast from too open), there are acquired outside the extended type (breast and nipple plump outer ramp). Acquired type may be incorrect to wear underwear on the long-term, such as the cup is too small to enable has been squeezing the chest displacement and the formation of foreign expansion cup overflow. In addition, lying down to sleep, and also easily lead to expansion extramammary. 原因:外擴的原因可能是遺傳,先天性外擴(雙方的乳房從過於開放),有外因形成(有乳房及乳頭飽滿外斜)。外因形成可能是不正確的長期內衣穿戴方式,如杯太小,使已被擠壓胸部位移和對外擴張形成溢出杯外。此外,躺著睡覺,也容易導致乳房外擴張。

    Methods of prevention: Do not sleep lying down, which is not good health and shape. In addition, it is necessary to wear suitable shape and breast size bras. 預防方法:不要仰躺睡覺,這對健康與胸型不好。此外,必須穿著合適的乳房大小形狀和胸罩。

    您也可以說建議您不要使用extramammary expansion,那比較像是形容胸部外的乳腺癌,就是有名的Paget's

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    應該說chest expansion會比較適合喔!



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    Extramammary expansion

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