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淳淵 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

Onions can be divided into two

Onions can be divided into two categories: fresh onions and storage onions. Fresh onions are

available 21 yellow, red and white throughout their season, March through August. They can be

22 by their thin, light-colored skin. Because they have a higher water content, they are typically

sweeter and milder tasting than storage onions. This higher water content also makes 23 easier for

them to bruise. With its delicate taste, the fresh onion is an ideal choice for salads and other

lightly-cooked dishes. Storage onions, on the other hand, are available August through April. 24

fresh onions, they have multiple layers of thick, dark, papery skin. They also have an 25 flavor and

a higher percentage of solids. For these reasons, storage onions are the best choice for spicy dishes that

require longer cooking times or more flavor.

21. (A) from (B) for (C) in (D) of

22. (A) grown (B) tasted (C) identified (D) emphasized

23. (A) such (B) much (C) that (D) it

24. (A) Unlike (B) Through (C) Besides (D) Despite

25. (A) anxious (B) intense (C) organic (D) effective

ccdab 一樣幫我翻譯 有文法幫我補一下~~我文法很弱~~知道多少就都po這~~麻煩妳了

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    洋葱可以分為兩類: 新鮮洋葱和儲藏洋葱。新鮮洋葱在整個三月到八月的季節都有黃色、紅色和白色三種供應。它們可以自它們細薄淺色表皮認出。因為它們水分高,它們標準的比儲藏洋葱甜而且口感温和。高水分同時使它們更容易擦傷。由於它良好的口感,新鮮洋葱是沙拉和輕炒的理想選擇。相反的,儲藏洋葱在八月至四月供應。不像新鮮洋葱,它們有多層的厚實黑色如紙的皮。它們同時有25種風味而且有高百分比的硬質。由於這些理由,儲藏洋葱是辛辣盤的最佳選擇,它需要更長的烹飪時間或更多的風味。

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