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shady car dealership?

I went to a dealership to buy a car, that they advertized as a excellent car with no problems after I signed for loan and put $3000.00 down1/30/10they said to pick it up Mon.2/21/10. Went in to get it and they said it was a peice of junk and it would cost 4000.00 to repair it and it was unsafe. They had to junk it then they came up with a different one and was forcing me to get it when I could not afford it. I said ok then I said I had to leave and did not sign any papers for it. Now they tell me they will not refund my $3000.00. They did a swith and bait on their add. They say I have to buy a car from them I don't want to. Can I make them give me my money back. They cashed my check without me having a car. Please help. what can I do? thank you


I meant 02/02/10 not 2/21

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the BBB is impotent. Th ey cannt do anything. I have no idea why they exist. The most they can do is tell the dealership they have been naughty and put a note in their file. Whoopee

    The FIRST stop is the DMV for your state. Do not go to the attorney general, BBB, cops - none of it. Go to the DMV, professional licensing division. This is usually at the main office, not at one of the satellite locations. Open up a complaint against his dealer license with the DMV, and ask to "attach the bond". Dealers have to put up a surety bond in order to obtain a license. By 'attaching the bond' you are going after that secure money he put up. Without that bond, the dealer is out of business.

    The DMV will open an investigtion into this, and all other transactions he has conducted. Dealers are for more scared of, and responsive to, the DMV than anyone else. The DMV has the ability to fine them, unwind the deal, or even completely shut them down. They can take their findings to the state for prosecution.

    So skip all the other BS, its just a waste of time. Take EVERYTHNG you signed, even the ad if you still have it, to the DMV and get them on the case. I guarantee you will have immedite results.

    ADD: BigG DMV regulates and licenses dealers. Yes, the DMV is who can fine and take a license away

    Source(s): 15 yrs in the business as a licensed dealer
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    1 decade ago

    Do you have a contract or purchase agreement with the vin# of the car you wanted to buy? Then you should be getting your downpayment back. They probably sold it to someone else for more money.

    First contact and file a complaint. Then contact the State Attorney. If they still wont refund your money, pay a lawyer to write them a demand letter. If that doesnt work, sue them in small claims court. You dont need a lawyer to do that.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    As usual, I would strongly suggest you retain an attorney. If this is not feasible, and you receive no satisfaction from the dealer (and please make extensive notes and establish audit trails wherever possible on this), you can always, and fairly cheaply, make an impact on their business, which will get their attention. You can make a complaint to both your local and your state and your national Better Business outlets, you can report them to your local Chamber of Commerce, you can file grievances with any of your local business monitoring agencies, all of which are regularly checked by potential customers. You may not be able to get personal compensation for their actions, but you will cost them a lot more than they cost you in the long run.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You gave them $3000 and agreed not to get your car for over 3 weeks ?

    The dealer is just taking advantage of a clearly uninformed buyer.

    Demand your money back and accept nothing less.

    The cops cant do anything for you.

    You may have to threaten. and or sue because they think you are a total idiot and your actions sure support that view.

    Your states dealer regulatory agency is your best bet. The BBB is a joke.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1st - Do not go to your local DMV as they are just for state registration of the vehicle. They will not be able to do anything besides collect money for the state.

    2nd - The BBB can and will go after them as a type of consumer protection and will help you get a lawyer if needed. But I would go back to the dealership and request your money back as this is a "bait and switch" situation and in the US there are federal laws against this, as it was a common practice back in the day. Calling the cops if they refuse, will help as if they can not intimidate the dealer, they will at least make a report that BBB and lawyer can use to help you get your money back.

    Do not let the dealer push you around, there are many laws to protect you as the consumer! Especially in this situation.

    Source(s): 14ys in Auto Sales.
  • 1 decade ago

    forcing me to get it when I could not afford it no way

    refund my $3000.00 or we talk in court then go get a lawyer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What they did was illegal

    Sue them

    Get your money back do not give up

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    the agreement was that car...go get your money back.

    call the cops if you have to

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